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I lost Blue...RIP sweet boy.

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  • I lost Blue...RIP sweet boy.

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but here goes anyways.

    I just wanted to post a memorial to my sweet Weimaraner Blue. On Thursday we had to make the difficult choice to have him PTS and my heart breaks with his absense.

    We had an ongoing problem with has been going on for about 3 months. He had gained some weight and was having some odd mood swings. We thought it was possibly thyroid imbalance..multiple test came back negative. The aggression increased and we kept testing...Lyme, Crushings, Addisons..we could find nothing.

    And see..he wasn't mean. He would be his sweet old self and then for no reason snap and start growling and nipping at people. Towards the end it got to the point where we didn't know if he would be "Dr. Jeckall" or "Mr. Hyde"

    Then we got hopeful...he started going a few days at a time with no incidence and I thought we had more time to figure it all out.

    Obviously we had been keeping him from our children to play it safe. I would give him a great work out early in the mornig. Let him stay outside till about 8 am, bring him in, feed him and put him in my room with Brutus and some chew toys. When the kids napped, I gave him run of the house.

    Thursday was the bad day when the world fell apart. I brought him in and fed him, got his chew toys out and called him to follow me into the room. He was excited about his treats, wagging his tail and hopping about. My daughter, who is 2 was about 3 feet behind him and called out "Nite, Nite Blue" and he snapped.

    He turned and bit her in the face. Thankfully it wasn't a bad bite and she will not suffer any permanant damage.

    After this I got him put up, tended to Shayla and waited. Once the kids were sleeping for their nap, I went into my room to gather laundry.
    Blue was resting on the bed and appeared to be sleeping. A spilt second later he is growling and lunging at me. Thankfully I got out of the room and closed the dorr in time.

    He then proceeded to have some sort of fit. He shredded everything in my room, and then kept growling and throwing himself againt the french doors in our room.

    I called my husband and my vet and we knew he couldnt go on.

    When DH got home, Blue calmed a little bit but sat there whining and shaking terribly as if somethign was hurting him. We went through a series of him whining and then biting, and back and forth.

    We gave him a sedative and took him to our vet where he was PTS.

    We have had Blue for 5 years and he truely left a hole in our lives with his passing. We have decided to have a necropsy done to determine what demons plagued my sweet boy. Hopefully we will have our answers soon.

    Needless to say this is a very rough time in our lives but I do find comfort in the fact that Blue is at peace and whatever was ailing him is no longer hurting him.

    RIP sweet Blue. :(
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    I am truly sad for what you and your family and Blue have been through, but so glad your little girl will be OK.

    The pain of loosing him will get easier to live with, but you know this from past experience, no doubt. This has been a tough year for you guys. Hang in there...we will miss Blue, too.

    Let us know, if you can, what was the source of Blues' behaviour. :(


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      darling i'm so sorry. what a horrible run up of events. i hope you have your answers soon x run free blue xx
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        I too am sorry to hear about Blue; such a heartbreaking turn of events. It sounds to me like he could have had something disturbing his central nervous system. So rest assured there really wasn't anything you could have done and it wasn't anything you did or did not do in the past. These things just happen.

        But he is crossing over the rainbow bridge and his life is looking sweeter every day.


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          All my gods, I'm so sorry to hear about this, what a horrible way to lose him, I'm so sorry for you and your families lose. Our thoughts are with you. And may I add, it sounds almost like springer rage, a nurological disorder, I hope you find out what it was, please let us know when you feel you can, it may help someone else someday.
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            Thank you so much. I really appreciate all the kind thoughts.

            We had been back and forth with several vets on Blue's odd condition. Springer Rage was a thought..but my vet ruled it out.

            Few other things on the table were Lyme disease, Crushings and Addisons...all of which were ruled out.

            And this was not an issue he had his entire life. The first signs we got was shortly before our house burnt...and then he was just irritable and had a tendacy to ignore commands. Obviously we kind of thought he was being onery or just getting cranky with age.

            The real Dr. Jeckal/Mr. Hyde stuff just started in the past 2 months and slowly got worse. In the beginging we kind of thought he was just stressed from the fire, hotel stay and move....but it soon became clear that wasn't it either.

            2 different vets I have worked with on this are putting their money on a brain tumor or something similar as both think it is the most logical explanation. I will hopefully get some preliminary results from the necropsy sometime late next week so maybe that will at least give me clues, if not answers. I will keep y'all posted on what we find.

            Thanks again for your concern.
            "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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              Wow.. I'm sorry to hear all of that. That is horribly sad, and like a horror story. I can only imagine the pain that went through everyone here, including poor Blue. I'm so sorry that had to happen. I wish I could give you a good hug. =(


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                Thanks Arazante...hopefully in time I will have the answers to all of my questions. I know it isn't important to have an answer for what happened, but I would sleep much better at night if I knew what had plauged him and why he changed.
                "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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                  Didn't he and Brutus recently "get into it" with a stray wild animal or something?? How far apart did that and Blue's sudden change in personality happen?? Do you think maybe he might have gotten something from that fight?

                  Whatever--I hope you figure it out and get some answers.