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  • R.I.P. Blitz

    My boxer dog Blitz died a few years ago I think I was 7 when he died and I am now 9. You might of thought I was the actress Emma Roberts, I'm not I just like that username. Anyway, we called him Blitz because boxers are a German breed, and he had a stripe down his nose, like a 'flash'. Blitz was German for flash or flash of lightning. Sometimes I worry if I'm forgetting him. All I remember is the sound of him barking when the doorbell rang...
    I miss my 10 year old dog, he died from arthritis and old age. :cry:
    Hi I'm Emma Roberts I am so glad to register because I love animals. Thanx!

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    Trust me, as a person who lost a dog that was so dear at an even younger age then you were, you will never forget him. They touch us in a way we don't even realise, even at such a young age we are so attached that losing them tears us up inside. I don't remember Pokey's bark, or his breeding, but I will always remember how he looked and how he protected me and the day we went to get him. these are all memories I will never forget.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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      If you're worrying that you're forgetting him, chances are that is a sign that you are healing. Your grief is subsiding and you're just accepting his death. Our minds always try to do this so we can cope and function properly again. You won't ever forget. There will be days you do not think of your doggy, and that will hurt because you may feel like you do now- that you're forgetting him. But then those days will pass, you will think of him less, then your mind will recollect and form the memories of him in a new way. It'll be a less mournful way and more of a vague memory. You'll probably be able to look at photos and speak of him not in sadness, but a "I remember" sort of way, and it'll probably be easier to speak about him without feeling the guilt of death.

      Be sure to keep things around you to remind you of him. I kept my dog's ashes and plenty of photos. Whenever I feel I need to ponder him or simply remember the few things that made me happy, I hold the container of ashes and look through photos of him.

      Like Celtech said, you will never forget.


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        Arazante: Welcome back. We missed ya. Hope things have settled a bit for you.

        As for forgetting dogs...never happens. My husband and I are with our seventh dog, now. We watch her goof around in the yard and remind each other of the funny, endearing or wierd stuff our past, but never forgotten, dogs used to do. It tugs at our heart strings, but usually it is making us giggle to remember them. It is all good, except the fact that they did not get to stay with us forever.


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          Thanx guys!

          Thanx you are all making me feel a lot better! :)
          Hi I'm Emma Roberts I am so glad to register because I love animals. Thanx!