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Coyote as a pet?

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  • Coyote as a pet?

    I live in the desert in NV. I saw a baby/young coyote and tried to walk up to it , but it ran away. Don't Coyotes travel in groups? Was this Coyote abandoned? This coyote is very small and I feel bad for it.
    I was thinking of making it a pet.
    Do Coyotes bite?
    What should I feed it?
    Does anyone have a pet Coyote?
    Please help, thanks.

    P.S I will buy some hamburgers for it, hopfully it will come back.

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    Where abouts in NV are you, by chance? I'm from there too.

    Anyway. Contrary to popular belief, Coyotes and Domesticated Dogs CAN and WILL breed. It's highly possible what you saw is actually a hybrid (a cross between a coyote and a dog). I had one of those once--he was an awesome little dog. I miss him like crazy.

    Anyway (again). I strongly suggest you leave him alone. He probably just wondered away from mom to fill his own growing curiosity and she was there somewhere simply hidden from your view.

    But, you can offer regular high-quality dog food for him if you insist on feeding him.

    Good luck!


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      Coyotes are often solitary animals. A pack for them is never necessary, and that's mainly because they're so adaptable to their surroundings. Living near cities, a pack probably wouldn't be in their best interest as food would already be scarce and competition would be a hassle.

      I don't suggest trying to domesticate it. I agree it probably had a mother nearby. They're also more aggressive than most canines and it could be difficult to handle one, especially around people who don't know how to act around one. They are actually well known for biting. Arizona has a big problem with them picking off peoples' dogs at night and early in the morning as well as attacking their children. When coyote territory is intruded by development and people, that is what happens.


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        not sure coz its a wild animal.. but you can read this.. this might help...


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          i have a fox '
          you should be friend it because if its around your house itll get into everything
          just hook it up with some eggs or some meat scraps ( rare or raw)


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            Originally posted by harrybear
            i have a fox '
            you should be friend it because if its around your house itll get into everything
            just hook it up with some eggs or some meat scraps ( rare or raw)

            YOU HAVE A FOX???

            thats amazing, can you put up some photos please?

            i love foxes and leave food out for the ones around my home all the time..

            Did you find it as a stray baby?
            legs like a dolly


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              That seems like such a neat little friend to have. Can you pet the fox? Is it still wild or does it stay around your home?
              Hi, I'm new here.


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                I don't think that coyotes will be okay as pets. The coyote social structure is somewhat different from the domestic canine, and, quite frankly, coyotes would rather eat a dog than befriend one. So, I guess having a coyote as pet in not ideal. Sorry but that's just me. :)


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                  The existence of true coyote dog hybrids, also known as coydogs or dogotes, is often the subject of hot debate. This is because, at first glance, the facts seem to be a little contradictory.
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                    While some animals appear to be domesticated, there is a reason you don't see many coyotes owners. It is possible to have a one, but would you be willing to put your loved ones in a situation where they could be turned on.

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