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Puppy whinning all night

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  • Puppy whinning all night

    Hi everyone :D Nice to meet you all

    I've got a problem here. I've just gotten a new puppy but it kept whinning all day and night trying to get out of the house. The main problem is his mother is just right at the opposite house. We did covered the gates with pvc sheets but he somehow manages to squeeze through and run to his mom. He is about 6 -7 weeks old now. We tried really hard to comfort him and play with him, but moments later, he will start whinning again wanting to get to his mom. Due to this, he is has a little diarrhea as well..

    What should I do? It hurts to see him like do I get him adjusted to his new home?

    Hope to hear from you all soon.

    Best regards,

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    Hopefully, after several weeks he will adjust to his new home. I would buy him plenty of dog toys.


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      Try tieing him when he's out, go out with him, so that he can't slip under the gate on you. It shouldn't take long a couple days, possibly a couple of week for him to get over it. Try placing his create in a room where you can leave a radio on where if mom starts braking next door he wont hear it, this should also make him feel like he isn't so alone. Give him time he will adjust, but you really need to stop him from seeing mom, because everytime he dose, it will only set things right back to where they were in the beginning.
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        ooh, thank you.

        The biggest problem is that his mom is just right opposite and I can't bring him into the house due to my parents. They wouldn't allow it. I'm living in a tropical country so, it's a usual practise to leave the dog outside at the front porch. Everytime we bring him out for his "pooping" time, he will see his mom. :(


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          It may take longer then, he will grow out of it, but constintly seeing mom and being alone at night will make it hard, dogs are pack animals, they need to be with other social animals, in this case he's trying to get back with mom because he is suddenly all alone and this is causing him stress so he cries, most pups get over this in a couple days just by being brough close to the owner, a create in the bedroom or a spot on the bed, but with an outdoor dog its a whole new experiance for him, he's never been alone before now, and it will take him quite sometime to get use to it. And there is the possiblity that it will indeed take months.
          The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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            I see, thanks for your reply mate. I really do hope that he get adjusted soon enough. I'm afraid his whinning is disturbing the neighbours. Oh well, he is just like a baby being introduced to play school for the first time. Everything may seems to overwhelmed him :) We just have to be patient & give him time.


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              Try putting a clock beside his bed. The ticking of the clock makes him more relaxed. Also, try to make his bed comfortable. Don't worry, you need just enough patience for him to pass this phase.


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                Well you can either let him whine or try putting him in bed with you, the older he gets the better the chewing things up will hopefully get...
                Other than that, I'd don't know he'll get use to sleeping in his own bed if you just keep ignoring it.. or do what i said.. And I'd bet he'd stop whining..
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                  Don't Worry About Whining!

                  When your puppy whines or does something else not acceptable, It is best not to feed into it! When Your Puppy Whines during the Night, your puppy may not be able to sleep through the night. Many pups whimper during the night because they need to go outside, When your puppy whines for any reason - other than as a signal to go out for a potty - just ignore him. Don't even look at him.

                  This does not mean that you are being mean, but when you cold-bloodedly ignore the dog, they will usually calm down after a while. If you respond everytime they whimper, you are actually encouraging them to whine. When he has stopped whining, you should show him some attention and calm him down with a gentle rub, or perhaps some milk.
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