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  • Your Pets History?

    Hey- just curious to know ure first experience buying your dog? I've told mine a million times to whoever wants to hear. I even sit there and talk to my dog about it...strange says some ppl but who cares eh^_^

    I bought my baby when he was 10weeks- the biggest of the bunch and the laziest. Dunno what drew me to him. THe place was owned by a vet and he breed all of the dogs there so there were like 5 pens with diff pups in all. IN one particular one there the little things were going crazy but my mum had specifically said if we're to get one it has to be white. so they were all black. sigh. dad said go home but in the corner i noticed a big white lump. this guy was like 4kgs or something. he was sleeping so i poked him with a finger. a grunt was heard? i go to side and look down down at him and just tickle his head. green eyes open. he wiggles his reddish nose and closes the eyes again. dad says- he looks sick he doesn't even want to move! because there weren't many opportunities for us to get a dog i had to use this moment wisely. WAIT. i got the lady to pick the dog up. dog stood there groggy. i nudged his butt and he wakes up and suddenly bolts towards the golden retriever puppy pens. awwww. We'll take him! got so much c___ from my mum when i got home. HOw BIG IS THIS DOG!? Are u SURE he is 10weeks and not 10months!?

    2years later hez her baby also. hez lost the red nose and instead has a light brown nose and green eyes. hez 11kgs but the vet said he is not obese (can just feel ribs) just could lose a couple of kgs. A few groomers and vets a hve said that he could have Lhaso Apso in him too but when i rang the place up they said "no our dad breeds them, definatly maltese shitzu only". argh! ^_^



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    i just had to post on this one.

    love my little girl so damn much its not funny ( my family says i treat her better then i do them) ah well so goes life

    so here goes my story

    i had a puppy picked out of a litter... weeeedoggy first pick so i was told ... and come to my dismay 2 weeks to go and pick her up i had a call telling me that the breader has changed her mind and that none of the pups were for sale ( and this after i put 600 bucks down to get my pick )
    so after a week or so of mopping around the house my brothers girlfriend desided to help me out with out my knowing ( hate her but love her kind of thing) and low and behold she reads this think about a gal just south of us who has some aussi. shep. that are ready to be sold .... once again weeedoggy .... so i at once call her up and she describes them all to me and i pick out the one that i want .. sight unseen ... and its been love at first sight sence then

    i have even had other people who have seen her offer me much more money then i paid for her just to take her home .... but then again this is the first time i have ever had my own pup so what can i say NNNNNOOOO

    had to share it i also love telling people how i got my pup
    who knows someone you might hate just might jump up and show a bit of kindness in your direction

    josh and kas .... aka queen of the house


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      adopting koa

      i had wanted a dog all my life... for as long as i could remember. I am 21 now and just one more year of college left before I am completely on my own... Dogs were out of the question growing up cuz my mom has dog phobia. But anyway... I rent, obviously... and I remembre I would always look for places that would allow dogs even though i didn't have a dog yet before koa.. Just always keeping the dream on the horizon.. Mainly the thing that stopped me was that i didn't have a car until recently... i wanted to have a dog that i could take everywhere and it just didn't seem feasible.. living in boulder, which for all its wonderful outdoor perks, does have the urban quality to it as well as the mountains.... Right before Koa entered my life.. I was an emotional mess, just felt like a failure in everything... relationships fell apart, just another lonely time in my life i suppose. But getting a car changed everything. or it was one of the 2 factors that did. 5000 dollars bought freedom, much more than a materialistic posession. I could go now wherever I pleased and i could get that dog that i dreamed of. And i felt like I was finally ready, for the dog that would come into my life.
      I was hanging out at the Boulder Humane Society a whole lot of my time those days... I had my eyes on one dog.. I remember her, Mushu, a shiba inu norweigian elkhound mix... the sadness in her eyes caught my attention in her picture... and she was so clean and dainty and fine in real life... but I was also looking for a dog that would be good with my roommates cats at the time... and she wasn't... so my heart moved to set it self somewhere else... Plus I guess i felt the match wasn't right when Mushu would sit near me but not near ENOUGH to me i guess... I guess I wanted a cuddly dog (and i got one!) and never look me in the eye.... (i mean not even remotely... i understand that it's not in some dogs nature to do this... it's disrespectful and what not in dog language?... i guess again, I wanted a dog that just.. was a good old golden retriever type that would do it.... and feel comfortable with it....) I drove for miles outside of the boulder humane society to the other humane societies in the area (denver, longmont, etc.)... but was only apalled at their service and much less just couldn't find the right match.... just diidn't click at all.
      And then, I was back to vistting the boulder humane society (any new ones?"... (i suppose i could have fallen in love with many of the dogs, but the cat-agreement factor was big at the time and that slimmed the choices down significantly).... and there he was. Koa, sitting calmly in his doggie condo, bright red, and perfect looking, clean. Big enough to be athletic and active and a great running dog that would enjoy my outdoor endeavors with me, but not "too big" for a mobile, not so rich college student like myself. And big gorgeous brown eyes, long black eye lashes... and a sad face that melted my heart (cheesy i know) with a hint of a beautiful smile at the same time. Koa is actually on the small side-- kinda compact, at 45-50 pounds. I remember reading through his behavioral analysis papers--, extensive obedience training as a puppy with a private trainer, no problems, loves everyone, loves all animals, never escapes... this guy was home free! I was ecstatic, being a first time dog owner, plus a single student with limited financial means, It was wonderful to have a dog that is, virtually, problem free!... He looked me in the eye, and smiled at me and sat very close to me, sat on my foot actually, while his caretaker gave me the lowdown on my beautiiful puppy dog. He'd arrived just 2 hours before my arrival!!! (Yeah, Koa, you had it reaaal rough, you were "homeless" for all of 2 measly hours! hehe) He was different from typical shelter dogs...( as boulder humane society is different from typical animal shelters, but ill get into that in a minute) that he was truly cherished... i found out just how well loved he was by his previous owner before she had to surrender him... I met his previous owner actually... which is atypical for guardian surrenders obviously. But his previous owner had tried desperately to get him a new owner through private means and resorted to the humane society out of desperation (as it should be) before she had to move out of her house... Reason for the surrender was that she was to leave the country in about a month... (had to house-sit in a house where dogs were forbidden before departure) to meditate in an ashram in India for an indefinite period of time (2 years?)... we joked that that was about the only place in the world where you couldn't bring your dog with you, other than prison. =) She told me she wept when she gave him up. I stayed at the humane society after adoption to take a living with your dog class for free and during that time, the society left me a note with Koa's previous owner's name and number, saying that she had some of his stuff she wanted to give me!
      I called Kyra up a few days later and agreed to meet with her and I just got such great energy from her!! a little older than me, she was also an artist, she had driven across the country with Koa showing her art the past winter, which is a dream of mine, also as an artist. She was so animated in the way she desecribed the times when she and Koa had gone back country snowboardinng... she told me how she was trying to manifest Koa's future owner in her mind... hoping that they be "a girl, and young!" and I feel so honored that I not only have a wonderful dog, but I fulfilled that prayer! She left me with a Christmas celebration of an extra large, collapsable crate that Koa now sleeps in as his den, an extra large soft dog bed, training leash, back country dog booties (!), extra food, dishes, and so much more! I felt so honored to have met Kyra before she left on her spiritual journey, and even more to be the owner of such a wonderful dog. Koa never leaves my side, never wanders off, insists on being at my feet, follows me around the house, yet is able to play independently as well. He is just a teenager, at only 16 months, squarely housebroken with no problems, and has shed so much light on my previouusly dreary, lonely period of life... He is such a huggable, submissive (no humping), adorable, dog that just wants to lay on his back between your knees while you sit on the floor and scratch his belly all day. He knows all the basic commands, and is quick to learn the tricks i teach him. I have a bunk bed (the little kids bunk beds that youth hosteles have) set up in my room to sleep on (very romantic eh? =) and Koa's big crate set up in the bottom bunk ( i sleep on the top and I take him up there too if he wants to sleep with me though its not the most comfortable on a twin bed with a human and a dog) with his big doggie bed inside, and his toys, and a dark sheet draped over the top... Not that i ever use this as a "crate", the door has never, ever been closed (is actually tied firmly open) and he has a dog door to a nice little yard so he can go in and out.... We go to the dog park very often. At the previous house I lived at , my roommate had a dog who was Koa's best buddy. They got along beautifully and played all the time-- and this was after my roommate told me he was in wonder at how unsocial his dog was, and she only played with his friend's bulldog and no one else!) We now live in a huose where there arent any other dogs but 3 other roommates who love him. Kaya (roommates dog) was also... well, not very friendly towards me previously (despite being a lab, she was a one man's dog), and she totally opened up to me when I got a buddy for her!

      I finally want to end this with.. well... Koa's previous owner.. we just got to talking about life and stuff and I told her how I was searching, spiritually.. and she told me I ought to attend this free workshop, by spiritual teacher and guru, Chalanda Sai Ma, for women... that was coming up... I did attend. It blew me out of the water.. it was one of the most profound experiences I have experienced in a long time.. it opened up these floodgates in me and I am glad I went alone I positively bawled through all of it, for myself for the world, for all the emotions and pain within me that were too deep for me to have known what to do with prior to this catharsis... Cause I was such an emotional faucet I was too shy to say hi to Kyra (she was working with the technical mic/speaker stuff.. the meeting had about 600 attendants!).... who is prob in India now, but I'll never forget how we kinda clicked, not that tthat is as important as to how Koa and I click, but it was such a a beautiful transition for him, I think, it was like a friend to friend thing though it was through a shelter and we were strangers, technically. I love Koa so much I know this storyu was long and scattered thanks if you read down to here. I was just so amazed at how the puzzle fell together. thanks


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        My first experience when getting our first dog was when I was 4(I think) We were getting a jack Russell after reserching and deciding that a Jack would fit our lifestyle. We got Tucker when he was about 6 weeks old just small enough to sit in my Mom's hand, after that we learned about the jrtcc(The Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada) and we just had to go see one of their shows and thats how we ended up getting one more we wanted to show and have a winning dog! We ended up getting Zenith the only female in the litter of 5 and once she was old enough we were back on the show scene and Zenith ended up winning! Puppy Champion, Best Puppy and so on, so we decided to breed her and sure enough she produced winning dogs must are pets though so we went from 1 Jack to 6 Jacks and are expecting a litter out of Zenith's Daughter in Sept.


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          All of our dogs have been rescues, adopted from various shelters and rescue organizations. We've had rottweilers and scottish terriers and even though they are purebred they are rescued companions!

          I hope people will look into rescue more rather than purchasing dogs from breeders so often. There are rescues for all walks of dog-life - no matter if you want an older dog or a puppy - a rescue can help match you with the perfect dog!

          And just think of the little hairy life you'll be saving from certain death!


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            Well my first dog was a Siberian Huskey. I had been wanting one since I first moved out of my mothers place. And the day that I was thinking about getting one I saw a poster by our local store that said Huskey pups for sale. They were a bit expensive but I took the number for the flyer anyway. My mom saw it and bought a pup for me.

            My current puppy I had originally set out to adopt a collie. I got ahold of the woman who had a 2 yr old collie (looked like lassie) that she SAID was good w/ kids and cats. I adopted him and brought him home. Then realizing that he wasn't ok w/ ALL cats. We ended up havign to take him back. Disapointed I started looking at her puppies. There was 3 left. Two black and tan ones and one blue merle. I had her take all 3 puppies out and let them come to me. (this is how I always pick which one WANTS ME) the female black/tan didnt want anything to do w/ me..So she was out. But the male and the blue merle kept coming around..In about 5 or so minutes the male left me and the merle came up to me. So she picked me. So I brought home Kota Blue Storm. Thats been almost a year later and she's been "almost perfect." She likes to chew when were gone sometimes..Expecially the trash..Seems to be a trait all collies enjoy.
            Blessed Be

            Salem Witch Child