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Please help!!! My puppy is growling at little girls!!!

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  • Please help!!! My puppy is growling at little girls!!!

    I have a 7 month old mastiff. He has always been extremely well behaved around everyone. He has the best disposition. We are planning on training him as a therapy dog because of his gentile and loving behavior. Recently, he started some odd behavior. I can't figure out where it is coming from. The first time he did it it was at a girl that was sitting on her moms lap on the back of their car and we were some distance away. The next was when we were walking and and the two girls were in a battery operated kiddy jeep that wasn't working so it didn't move. I assumed he was being protective and it just sounded mean because he is so protective over kids usually and and is so good with them. They can climb all over him and hes fine. Hes a very well behaved dog normally. But the last time was in the lawn and tractor store and again they were nowhere near him and were holding their fathers hand. The hair stood up on the back of his neck and back and he kept turning to see tbem when i walked him away. It was weird. And then the last incident was with my friends son who just hugged his mother and jake thought he had to protect her and growled very mean at him. After he went up to my friend and licked and coddled her. Like he was protecting her or jealous. Just not sure how to correct it properly without a negative result.

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    Training him a therapy is smart idea, and this kind of behavior is due to anxiety and boredom. I will recommend you to change his routine and make him more socialized. This will help him to make new friends and would be easily to come over his boredom.
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