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Are German Shepards ok around kids?

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  • Are German Shepards ok around kids?

    We currently have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she's been really good around our 3 year old daughter. However, she's not that much of a guard dog. Just the other day our house alarm went off in the middle of the night (due to an alarm malfunction) and she went and hid in the bathroom :rolleyes:.

    I've always kind of wanted a German Shepard as I grew up around Siberian Huskies and it's too hot down here for Huskies so I thought a German Shepard would be a nice substitute. Does anyone know if German Shepards are good around little kids? We would get it as a puppy so it would grow up around us and our kids.

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    Re: Are German Shepards ok around kids?

    this is a somewhat useless question, any dog can be good around kids depending on the ability of the owner to train the animal... people are often misinformed as to what dogs have good temperaments...
    My lurcher, collie/greyhound/bedlington is a working dog, yet he is the most loyal protective dog for my son, wherever my son goes he follows and will watch over him despite having chunks of fur occasionally pulled out of him....
    At the same time, although i trust this dog 99% NEVER leave a dog and child alone. End of the day dogs are predators and should be treated as such (which people all to often seem to forget)
    From the german shepherds i have been around in my lifetime all bar one have been what i would class as good with kids, but these animals were properly trained.

    Remember these dogs need a firm hand (not aggresive ownership, dominant though) but they are good dogs to have, at work we have two very large german shepherds as guard dogs, one recently bit through a landrover tyre as it came through the gate! Yet when people they know arrive we are mauled with kisses and affection from them.
    The main problem i could see with a german shepherd is that they are big dogs so if they get playful they can accidentally hurt a child unintentionally...


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      Re: Are German Shepards ok around kids?

      Shepherds are generally wonderful dogs. It comes down to the owner - the training and time put in to the dog - rather than the breed. I've never owned a Shepherd but I've worked with many of them. Shepherds practically train themselves. They are a very easy dog to communicate with and they seem to enjoy training.

      If you ever want any training tips, feel free to message me. I have spent a few years working in Dog Daycare Centres and assisting in puppy training classes.


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        Re: Are German Shepards ok around kids?

        GSDs are my favourite dog. Loving, loyal and brave - and good guards (property and person).

        Any dog needs to be properly trained, that's a given.

        If it was me, I'd choose a female GSD. One acquired as a puppy, growing up with the kids, shouldn't be any problem.
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          Re: Are German Shepards ok around kids?

          Hi, Ive always wanted a German Shepard but I already have 3 dogs (German Shorthaired Pointer, Weimaraner + Whippet). I always thought or sayed to myself good owners,good dog. If you train it from a pup then I would think it would be fine. As long as you treat and train the dog with respect then you will get respect back from it.



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            Re: Are German Shepards ok around kids?

            Thanks guys for the tips and information. We'll definitely get it as a pup. Hopefully we can find one as a puppy that we can rescue.


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              Re: Are German Shepards ok around kids?

              Just an afterthought. Getting a puppy is a good idea, so that s/he gets used to the family from a young age. But even then, do remember that young children can torment a young dog, pulling its tail or fur, etc (albeit in fun). In such circumstances, any dog may react. If your children are young, do not leave them alone with the dog.
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                Re: Are German Shepards ok around kids?

                Of course, when I was a kind my father brought me a small German Shepard puppy. Actually he was a really good and cute pup.
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