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Any legal defense to use for dog accused of tresspassing.

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  • Any legal defense to use for dog accused of tresspassing.

    Does anyone have any legal advice for a dog accused of tresspassing?
    My dog was cited for tresspassing by a neighbor whom has a vendetta against myself and our neighborhood. (The vendetta has nothing to do with dog) My dog is almost always kept in a fenced back yard, however on a few rare occassions it may have inadvertently run onto this neighbors property. We try our hardest but honestly in 5 years of living here our dog may? have gotten loose maybe a maximum of 5-10 times and breifly run onto his property for a maximum of say 15 seconds. I was cited by the county for a whopping fine and am just plain mad! Its basically his word against mine. I am honest and can not lie that my dog may have breifly run across his property. But does anyone have a legal defense or suggestion that may help. I have two neighbors that will sign a statement that my dog is kept in the backyard, but if I am asked in court whether my dog has been on his property I would have to say yes. I am wondering if their is any legal backing anyone is aware of?

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    You mentioned your dog has gotten out many times so you know your just waiting for some thing to happen or your just oblivious about the consequences that your dog may create.

    So if your dog briefly gets out of your backyard and kills a child in less than 15 seconds (knocks a kid down, cracks childs head open or bites) what will you say? Fix your fence, get an electric fence system for your yard, and be responsible. There is no excuse for not properly handling your dog.

    Pay the bill and give thanks to God nothing worse happened.
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