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Are you considering getting a puppy? Read Fletcher's Story.

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  • Are you considering getting a puppy? Read Fletcher's Story.

    by Gretchen Jabowsky

    You don't want to hear me. But listen, I was an innocent little puppy. I was born a mongrel -- I didn't choose it. I was a good puppy with big bright eyes and if you got down on my level, I would wiggle into your arms and kiss you and go into ecstasy if you gave me even a tiny bit of love.

    A woman brought a little boy to see me. They thought I was "so cute." She thought I would keep the boy occupied.

    I really tried. The woman and her husband were so busy with their jobs they didn't have time for me. They didn't even have time for the boy. They bought him an ATV and a snow machine and bunches of fancy stuff. So he didn't have any time for me either. I got food once a day and sat at the end of his chain and cried.

    And nobody heard. Months upon months. I grew up. I wanted to be a good dog. But I wasn't "cute" any more. The pain in my soul got so bad I couldn't help but get a lttle crazy. If a person actually got near me I would just lose it and jump all over them. A little toddler came over; I didn't mean to hurt her. I was so happy, at last somebody wanted to touch me! I guess I scared her. Anyway, the isolation got worse. I knew my time was about up.

    Don't kid yourselves, we dogs know! When you take us on that last ride, we know. We were born thinking you were some kind of god and suddenly you're treating us like some unpleasant garbage that you're taking to the dump. We don't hate you for it. We love you all the more desperately. The pain of that rejection is beyond words. You, who are our whole world, now hate us for making you confront your selfishness.

    Anyway, my end was better than most. I knew of one dog, whose people didn't want her anymore so they dumped her by the road in the middle of nowhere, in the winter. As the car sped away and disappeared, she ran after it. She ran and ran and ran until her lungs were frostbitten. She crawled into a snow bank and slowly died of pneumonia. Terribly alone, not knowing WHY?

    Going to the vet to be "euthanized" isn't so great either. The vet and the assistants may be kind and gentle, but we know. Our true love, our god, our world, has coldly cast us off. You're home with tea and crumpets when the needle goes in.

    My people wouldn't face up to the reality. They dumped me at someone else's house. Nobody would give a good home to a neurotic adult dog. So the other woman put me on a lead and took me out in the woods that night. It was a beautiful walk in the snowy forest with all the bright stars like candles all over the soft black sky.

    She tied me to a tree and sat down with me and started a story. It began, " The Lord is my Shepherd..." She was crying. She put a flashlight in front of my face to hold my attention, but I felt the muzzle of the pistol against my head.

    I'm at peace now, far away from your world, but how many millions of puppies are in that living hell, through no sin of their own? Don't kid yourself, look in their eyes - - they know.

    Love, (Because dogs will always love, no matter what) Fletcher :cry:
    Alcohol Warning: The consumption of alcohol could lead you to believe that your ex-girlfriends are dying for you to call them at 4am.