My pup, Koda, is a six month old Australian Shepherd puppy. When we first got her, everything was fine and normal. When she was about four months old, she started hunching her back. It was odd, but she didn't seem like she was in pain. I kind of chucked it up to that it was an awkward puppy thing and she would out-grow it. About a month later she started limping her back legs. I decided to wait a few weeks before taking her to the vet because we all do things like pull muscles and such, and rest helps that. After things were apparent to not be getting better, I took her to her veterinarian.
We found that she has severely genetically mutated hips, resulting in a very severe form of hip dysplasia. To fix it, it's a $14,000 surgery. I'm a university student, so I can't afford that. One of the options was to give her Benadryl as a temporary solution. So that is what we are doing right now for her. We use the website for those needs. Anyway, I decided to fund raise any money I could to go to her surgery. There's also another surgery which is much cheaper, but the results aren't as good, but at least she wouldn't be in pain everyday. So if I don't get enough money that I could at least pay for the rest of the total hip replacement, then I will go with the cheaper option because at least she will be happy and that's all that matters. We have so many years ahead of companionship and memories, I will do anything for her.
Someone from Bell Media saw my GoFundMe page for her ( ) and decided to message me to put her on the news. Of course I said yes, and here me and my pup were on the news!
I just wanted to show off my cute dog in her video, honestly :)
What we have planned is we are going to do a fundraiser at a nightclub as well. Hopefully that will rake in the money.
If anyone has any input, advise, etc. please comment below :) I can keep everyone updated on Koda. Feel free to share her campaign to raise awareness, too!