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  • Dog bonding

    I am a student at Moulton College studying BSc Applied Animal Studies. The purpose of this study is to investigate the bonds that dogs form between humans and other dogs. The objectives of the study are:

    · To determine how long it takes to bond to a rescue/adopted dog.

    · To determine the behaviours and closeness of bond of the dog human relationship.

    · To investigate the behaviours between dogs and other dogs within the same household.

    I would really appreciate it if you can spare a couple of minutes to fill in the survey for my dissertation. All data that is collected will be anonymous.

    By completing this survey, you will give informed consent that you wish to participate in this study.

    Any questions please email me:

    Please complete survey for one dog per household. If you own one dog please answer questions 1-13 and questions 18-19. If you own more than one dog please answer all questions.

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    Re: Dog bonding

    Welcome to the forum. Your post was sent for moderation by the system, as you had live links in it. I have approved your thread and have also completed your survey.

    I wish you well with your survey and your studies. Please come back to tell us the outcome of your research. It should be interesting!
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      Re: Dog bonding

      It's a good topic you've got there, and already took the survey myself anyway.