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lovely walk today:)

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  • lovely walk today:)

    making the most of the lovely weather we've got today! took snoop, gizmo and little rudy out for a walk round the fields near where we live.
    safe to say theyve all worn themselves out!
    was rudy's first time off his lead today (hes only 15/16 weeks) and it was a success! he just copied snoop and gizmo and came back everytime!
    proud to say hes also mastered a few commands,
    sit, paw, lay down and roll over!
    hes definitely a clever little thing!
    anyone else been on a nice walk?

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    Re: lovely walk today:)

    That's nice to know that all those 3 dogs can get along already with Rudy especially for Gizmo, as what I've read from your other thread concerning the two not getting along. But anyways, good thing you've had a good lovely walk with them already. And yes, as for me dogs are such a great companion during walking or exercising since they're born with an active and obedient lifestyle with humans.