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  • Socialisation ideas

    So I have a new pup and really need her to get socialised but there are no organised classes near me and we don't have any friends locally with dogs - any other alternatives for socialising?

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    Re: Socialisation ideas

    Yes it's really important that she is well socialised with other dogs and humans.

    Does your vet run "puppy parties"? Usually there is a vets' agenda in this, such as selling over-priced items from the reception area, or getting signed up for certain regular treatments (flea/tick worming....etc) But it can also be a good place to meet other doggies the same age, and possibly to also make friends with some of the people.
    It can also help a lot to reduce anxiety about going to the vet.

    Agility classes are great, so if there are any regular dog agility events near where you live, that's another thing to check out.

    Another idea is making sure you go for walks in places where others go. You may want to be careful of your little pup meeting up with larger older dogs who may or may not be well behaved or good-natured...but some dog parks have special areas for 'smaller dogs' which might be useful.

    Otherwise general walks always help to meet others.
    I had a similar issue with my own dog as we live in a remote area, hardly ever meet anyone here. Many times it was nice to be in such a quiet space, but I knew she needed more than just me. So I used to put her in the car and drive her to more popular walking areas, so she would meet as many dogs and people as possible.

    Before you start doing anything of course make sure her first puppy vaccinations are all done and she's good to go.
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      Re: Socialisation ideas

      I have started taking her to the park (she has all her vaccinations) and will build it up with regular walks on the beach to hopefully meet other dogs


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        Re: Socialisation ideas

        The most easy alternative in socializing your dog when there's no enough friends or neighbors to share it with, then go to any prefer park for walking or jogging with your dog. And if it's still not working for you then try checking out a dog salon.