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    320,000 dogs are born in Nigeria yearly.
    206,000 are used for meat.

    As at 2017, that number has since increased.
    An estimated 265,000 dogs are born, bred and reared specifically for meat.

    These dogs are reared in cages, the 'breeding camps' of the North and kept in cramped rusty, cages stacked on top of each other.
    The method of slaughter is usually extremely (and even intentionally) brutal, and the dogs are often butchered in full view of the others.
    Most horrifically—due to a traditional belief that high adrenaline levels will produce tender meat and increase the supposed health benefits—dogs who are killed may be intentionally subjected to extreme fear and suffering and be killed via bludgeoning, hanging, or electrocution. At the open-air markets, dogs are often electrocuted and their necks are broken—all in plain sight to passers-by and the other dogs.
    They are raised in these camps and shipped 36 hours to its buyers in the Eastern and Southern Regions when properly fattened up or past breeding age.
    404 or J5 as Dog meat is called is a "delicacy enjoyed" mainly in the Southern, Eastern and Western part of the country.
    When shipped to these regions, a process called 'Point and Kill' then takes place; where a prospective buyer comes into their new camps, points to a Live dog of his or her choice and pays for it. The Dog is then clubbed to death, slaughtered and roasted.

    A Dog generally is sold between $40 to $100 depending on its size, breed and how fattened up it is.

    Daily, we see an alarming increase in demand as more and more people, gender and age notwithstanding flock to Dog Markets to sample and try out this ''Delicacy''.
    This has made it a lucrative business as demand for their meat is presently exceeding its supply and has led to the Suppliers getting creatively crazy just to meet the demand.

    Can you imagine dogs being imported?

    Or true dog owners being robbed of their dogs?

    Can you imagine being paranoid to take your dog out for a walk for fear of being robbed?

    Dogs are no longer viewed as "Man's best friend" but as a delicacy to be enjoyed.
    Social clubs and groups currently exist dedicated to trying out, experimenting and enjoying its meat. Imagine a Social Club with its name as "Dog Eaters Association of Nigeria?" or "Mme mme Nkita (literally translated as "Enjoying Dogs")?.
    And new members are Inducted daily!!


    1. Enlightenment: The project "Our Dog, Our Friend" was undertaken by our organisation and has made a massive impact so far. It involved the printing of pamphlets, organizing talk shows on television and radios, creating an online awareness on all social media platforms and organizing communal programs dedicated to reminding and re-sensitizing the populace of the importance of dogs in our lives. Reminding people of the importance of dogs as loyal friends, companions and protectors.

    2. Court Order: The Save our Dog Foundation won a suit prohibiting the rearing and sale of dogs for meat in Bende LGA; one of the largest Dog markets. The court also granted us the right, with the aid of the National Police to forcefully rescue Dogs being kept captive.
    We intend to proceed nationwide with this initiative
    3. Federal Bill: We are currently amassing as much support as possible with the intention to push the proposed, ANIMAL ACT BILL, a bill to provide a framework for the protection, security and provision of shelter for endangered animals and the prosecution of its offenders.

    4. Home/Shelter for rescued dogs: The Save our Dogs Shelter Home recently received a massive boost when Hon. Amadi Emeka Tony the Chairman, Bende Local Government Area donated a hectare of Land at no cost for the construction of the Shelter Home. He also pledged the continuous support of his office and the Community.


    1. Spread the word: Like our page @
    Like, Comment, Share, Copy and paste our posts.

    2. Support our Cause:

    Dog brutality is real and it must come to an end.
    Don't sit back and feel sorry;
    Don't shake your head and feel sad.
    Be Active; Be a Supporter
    The Dogs cant talk; we do the talking for them.
    The Dogs cant cry out for help; we do the crying for them.
    The Dogs cant fight back...let's fight for them!!

    Save Our Dogs, Save our Souls.
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    Re: Save Our Dogs

    Welcome to the forum. I fully support the noble work which you are doing. I wish you every success in publicising this appalling cruelty and getting it stopped.

    I have deleted the very graphic images which you added to your post above, as this forum is for animal lovers and some (including children) could be traumatised by the images shown. However, it is right that you have put these in the public domain and any members of this forum who need proof of the extreme suffering involved can go to your Facebook link above in order to view the images.

    Every best wish to you in your campaign!
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    Do animals have souls?


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      Re: Save Our Dogs

      Hoping for the success of this campaign


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        Re: Save Our Dogs

        Good Luck! Wish you the best! Its sad that in some places dogs are still considered food.


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          Re: Save Our Dogs

          Loving this thread!