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Need a little Help getting my Jazzy Girl Back!!!

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  • Need a little Help getting my Jazzy Girl Back!!!

    My Female Cane Curso was involved in a animal dispute January of 2017, The owner of the other dog went to the measure of extreme of lying to have my dog taken away from me pending case analysis. I have receive billing from the state of Maryland animal control in the amount of $4,950.00 as of December 16, 2018. The final hearing for this case will be January 18, 2019, at 9 am. I had to hire a lawyer, for a judicial review as Maryland animal hearing board was very biased when deciding on my case. Jazz is not just a pet to me but like my daughter. *She's a super sweet, playful family dog! she has 3 human sibling and they haven't stop thinking or asking about her. Please feel free to message me via PM on this forum with any type of help you could offer!

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