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    HI evrey1 6months my aunt was going to get a dog and she said she was going to a petstore, i urged her not to and told her all about puppy mills, but she ignored me and said it was bulls*** (she never liked me too much)
    i called her evrey day, sent her pictures of puppy mills. But she didnt seem to care. Well now she has a small pomeranian puppy that she bought from some puppy shop.Its been 6mounths and the puppy seems healthy. Now shes rubbing it in my face and calling me a liar, she sais puppymills are fake she even called my dog a "ugly *** mutt" just because i got him from a shelter..i dont know what to do she has a whole bunch of friends that now are going to this shop, and i cant prove them wrong because the pup still seems healthy..i dont know what to do! plz help

    sheka :(
    ChArLiE aNd ZoEy LoVe YoU!

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    awww. i think your dog is sooo cute and i would rather by a dog from a shelter!!!
    :D meg :D
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      I'm afraid your aunt isn't interested in hearing your objections about the pet store right now. If she is angry and calling your dog names, she isn't at a point where she's willing to listen to reason.

      She will only get angrier if you continue to press her on the issue. I think you have to move on for now, and make sure she knows you are available if she has any questions or needs advice on her dog. If her dog does not stay healthy, there should not be any "I told you so", that would only close her mind again.