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    Originally posted by RedyreRottweilers
    It is not OK in any way to leave ANY dog alone for more than 6 to 7 hours and not give the dog a chance to empty it's bladder.

    10 to 12 hours is abuse IMO.

    Dogs should NEVER be required to hold urine in their bladder that long.

    Thanks for the advice, but I'll stick with my plan for my dog. I've asked several vets and trainers and they all told me that my dog will be fine.


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      sure. Ok.

      So here is what you should do.

      Use no bathroom facilities during the day when you are away and your dogs are unable to do so.

      See how YOU like going for 10 or so hours with no opportunity to eliminate.

      Hey, if it's ok for them it should be fine for you too, huh?


      Now remember. Tomorrow is Friday. Make sure you empty your bladder and have that bowel movement before you leave, since you won't be able to go again until you get home and let your dogs out.

      Seriously, you should try it and see what it's like.
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        :roll: I've done it before, and it's no big deal. Finding a bathroom in NYC is hard if you're not home and I've gone 12 hours without the bathroom while hanging out in the city many times.

        But just to be fair to your experiment, I'll stay home with her and sleep 95% of the time for the 10 hours, just like she does, so that my metabolism can slow down. For the other 5% of the time I am awake, I'll periodically take a couple of sips of water so that the total intake is less than half a cup, just like she does. I'll let you know how it turns out.

        I'm sure you mean well, but getting into this pissing match (pun intended) won't change a thing. Please save your crusade for the real animal abusers.


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          You may do as you like, hoy, and I'm sure you will.

          Where I step in, however, is when people made inadvisable comments to people with puppies on a public bulletin board.

          Puppies under 6 months of age should be let out for relief at least every 3 hours during the day. Older dogs may go up to twice as long if they are used to it.

          All day now and then may be necessary. All day EVERY day is not acceptable unless some sort of arrangements are made so that the dog can relieve itself.
          Redyre Rottweilers
          "Penny" U-CH Eternal Moon Finders Keepers
          "Didds", TT * "V-"PeeWee" BH AD IPO 1 TT
          Waiting at the Bridge...
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            Originally posted by hoypinoy1234
            getting into this pissing match (pun intended)

            I think this is one subject that everyone is going to agree that they disagree on. :)

            Personally, I think it's wonderful to see different viewpoints and approaches to this subject. I also think that some of what's been shared here by everybody is certainly "food for thought" for all of us. imho

            Oh, and when I was working in an office in the corporate world, I routinely day-after-day never went to the bathroom at work. Making it nearly 10 hours every day. From my "wisdom of old age" I can look back and say that probably wasn't "smart" but <shrug> it's what I did.

            But back to topic. . . . it really comes down to personal situations and personal preferences and opinions. And, yes, it probably makes a difference to on whether it's an older dog or a puppy.

            I think the Vulcan IDIC (infinite diversity in infinite combination) is a keeper. . . . :)

            Okay, <group hug> ! LOL! :wink:
            Juanita (& the kids - Missy, Taffy, Smudge & Marmie)


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              In my first post of the thread, I was responding with my experiences to the original poster's first question which made no mention of puppies. As far as the adult dogs bladder control is concerned, let's just agree to disagree. I just didn't like to be classified with the same kinds of trash who beat the living crap out of their pets. If it's okay with Juanita, I'd like to skip the group hug for now.


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                First, I believe all animals should have at least one companion if you have to leave them at home all day.

                I leave our dogs at home roughly eight hours a day when school is on. We crate them, lots of chew toys and fresh water for them to drink. Their last potty break is always at 8AM, then my children leave for school, they are 16 and 14. I leave at 7:30 AM. The kids get home at 3:40 PM, and 4:00PM usually, and whomever gets home first takes both dogs out for a long walk and romp in the back yard. In the summer, the kids are here pretty much everyday and they stay out with them unless they leave.

                They have handled that well. Another suggestion if you get two is to leave them in you kitchen, bedroom, or den as long as they are not chewers. I started out doing that but decided they liked the taste of the wallpaper, baseboards, and sheet rock in my kitchen! We crated at night only, but opted for the crate after the chewing began.

                Two or three times a week I can get home during lunch and let them out for a break depending on my work load. I for one would not leave my dog outside for any extended period of time with no one home.

                I live in a large city, and the fear of someone taking them out of the yard is a fear for me. I have two purbreds. When we are home though they are with us, and they also have a doggy door in a half bath that takes them to the backyard should they need to go, and if they don't return after a bit, 15 min. or so, we check on them.
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