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Can anyone recommend a breed to go with a Greyhound?

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  • Can anyone recommend a breed to go with a Greyhound?

    Hi, I have an ex-racing greyhound and have decided to get a second dog. I know another greyhound would be a sensible choice but I quite like the idea of getting a different breed. I have quite a list of requirements, though, and don't know of another breed that would suit me!
    First, no small dogs as my greyhound has a bit of a chase instinct.
    Second, I want a slightly less active dog - my greyhound is a bit of a couch potato, which is ideal as he is left in the morning and afternoon while I'm at work, and while he gets 2 or 3 walks a day, he doesn't like to go too far which also suits me!
    Finally, the dog has to be available from rescue centres as I personally won't buy a dog from a breeder!

    Does anyone know of any other medium or large breeds with a bit of a "couch potato" or laid back reputation? Thanks!

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    What a cutie your dog is and frankly I am so glad to hear that you will be getting another rescue of some sort - I would really suggest going to your local shelters and asking them what they have that fits your needs! In other words maybe it won't be a pure bred but maybe they could tell you about a dog in their care that fits your description!

    Keep us posted, will ya?


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      At our local SPCA, they've got personality ratings on the dogs and cats; one of them actually is "couch potato." You could look at the website for one in your area to see if they have the same sort of thing, and then check them out.


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        Both brilliant suggestions; makes me wish I lived in England/USA!

        I live on a very small island inbetween England and France. We actually have a shortage of dogs on the Island - we have more homes than rescue dogs! So, fortunately for the dogs and unfortunately for me I cannot go to a rescue centre and "browse"! I would get my next dog the same way I got Max - the lovely people at Guernsey Animal Aid take "orders" for dogs, and have arrangements with shelters in England so they do the home check and then go to England and find suitable dogs and bring them back!!

        Problem is I would rather know what breed I'm getting - I'd be a bit nervous of just asking them to get me a "laid back dog" as goodness knows what I'd get!

        It was terrifying when I went to pick up Max - I had mentioned I liked big dogs but I didn't know greyhounds got THAT BIG!! It all worked out fine in the end, though!


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          Gee, I hadn't thought of an island. That certainly makes a difference! But I honestly think it would be appropriate to tell them of your situation, about the temperament of your greyhound, and that you wish for him to have the most suitable companion. If they do home checks then it must be important enough to them to not make a severe mismatch.

          I wish you the best of luck.


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            What a beautiful dog! And such an interesting situation you have.

            Is your going to England and checking shelters yourself out of the question? Would you have a lengthy quarantine for the dog if you did that?

            The rescue group you're working with, though, should be able to take down all of your desires and requirements and really narrow in on a dog for you. Can they perhaps locate two or three and then send you photos and descriptions, etc. For you to make the final choice before they bring a dog back to the island for you? Or even phone you from the shelter and tell you about the dog so you can decide immediately at that point?

            I don't know enough about all the breeds to be able to suggest specific breeds. But isn't the Golden Retriever a breed that fits a lot of what you're looking for?

            Keep us posted on your quest and the result!
            Juanita (& the kids - Missy, Taffy, Smudge & Marmie)


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              Well its taken me a while but I've taken the plunge -

              I still have my home check to go but then I will (hopefully!) go on the "death row dogs waiting list" - Animal Aid (the people who got me Max!) check kennels in the UK for dogs waiting to be put to sleep as they haven't been homed in the allocated time, and try to match them to homes here in Guernsey.

              I am after a "large female couch potato/ laid back" dog, a little older and good with other dogs. Probably a greyhound / lurcher / long-dog but lets see what turns up!

              :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


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                Keep us posted!


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                  Have you ever considered a whippet? A smaller cousin to the greyhoud, stands about 18 to 20 inches at the shoulder. I adopted a stray from hte Humane society, they cuold not tell me what it wa, but through some reasearch I have concluded she is part whippet. She has most olf the body structure of the sight hounds and she is quite the couch spud. Lady is just such a great dog for our family. I know that this breed was developed in England, so there should be a number of rescue groups over there.

                  Good Luck.


                  p.s. I have attached a photo of our Lady.
                  Lady's people and loving it!


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                    hi gemma. if your on the isle of wight i can give you a very good rescue number.
                    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)