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will people get trauma after loosing their dog?

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  • will people get trauma after loosing their dog?

    my father's dog goldie (Golden Retriever) has just died this morning, actually we dont know what killed him, not even the veterinarian, he can only presume that goldie was getting a heart attack or food poison.
    and my father was depressed..and so was i because goldie used to be around him all the time. And i'm thinking to get him a new golden retriever.

    what i want to ask in this forum is, does people that has just lost their dog can accept a new one? or they need time to get over it?
    (if i asked my father hi will refuse it right away) :cry:

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    I would not get one immediatly. Your father will let you know when he is ready to have another.
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child


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      I am so sorry to hear of yours and your father's loss. It is indeed a deep sorrow. Especially for those who love their animal companions so much.

      Don't rush into getting your father a new dog. Give him time to grieve, and be there to listen to him talk about his memories, and share your own when he's ready. Or just simply be there quietly with him, if he isn't ready to talk.

      Take your cue from him as to if and when he's ready to welcome another dog into his life.

      {{{ hugs }}} to you both,
      Juanita (& the kids - Missy, Taffy, Smudge & Marmie)