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What is your fav breed of dog?

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    Pugs, pugs, pugs! They're comical, smart, loving, adorable, sweet, persistent, determined, and sensitive. My pug is the best friend a person could ask for. Although there is some debate on whether she's a dog or really a tiny alien living in a "dog suit"!

    I also love just about any other breed of dog out there, but I'm just an overall "animal person" anyway. Each has their own personality traits and is wonderful in their own way. All they ask is care and love and they give you LIFE in return!


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      BOXERS! Fantastic family dogs, but not good for a couch potato family. They are famous for being good with kids. I've had many different breeds and mutts growing up and we got our first boxer when we were married. I fell in love with the breed and have had boxers for 12 years now.
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        Rotties... pits and herders... I love them all!

        I have a smooth coated border collie and love her to death... I am partial to any herding breed. They are just so interesting and fun... a real masters dog. They would do absolutely anything for you and live for your every wish... but that being said... you have to be careful, very active and keep them worked or they will become a real mess (physically, mentally, and personally) Aussies are the same way and find the same spot in my heart. Aussies are like a border crossed with the personality of a golden retriever... they are just a riot and a lot of fun (less the hair).

        I have always really liked Rotties and pitbull mixes (2 seperate dogs). They tend to be some of the sweetest, loving and loyal dogs I have ever met. Pitties love to work and can figure out anything just like a border.

        All a matter of prefernece... but I also like breeds uunder 45 pounds. I can sneak my 35 pound border in ANYWHERE! I can toss her over anything... fences whatever. A great dog for trail running. SHe loves every minute of it.


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          I use to be a husky person. But after having my collie I have to say the Rough Coat Collie. :lol:
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            hi im a pround owener of a 3yr old male saffy called tye and i must say that i love this breed he,s bein naughty at the moe so i keep sayin he goin to a doggy home my second breed r west highland whites but wouldnt av them to breeds 2gether :roll:


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              Maltese. My little Chloe is the sweetest darn animal I've every owned!!! She doesn't bite, she rarely barks, she's not a chewer and SHE DOES NOT SHED!!!!


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                I'm a (New Member) but I think Akita's are the best....

                Yep, I just had to put my 11 yr. old Akita to sleep because of problems with her auto-immune system going haywire because of a thymoma cancer tumor in her belly. It was basicly attacking all her good cells thinking they are bad and everything goes wrong everywhere on the dog.

                The reason I say the Akita is they are so loyal to their owners and I'm diabled with a back injury and have had 9 surgery's in the past 15 yrs. and she had helped me with so much would I would come home and it was just us in the house. She would jump up for instance if she thought I was going to get up off the sofa so I could use her to help get up. She would get things for me, and as far as a watch dog you can't find better. I could tell by her bark.growl,moan, if there was someone in my drivway or just walking by the house, or if a car pulled into the driveway, and my Fiance own the house next to mine and she would bark a little softer if someone was at her house.

                The only reason I'm ont getting another and my 2nd choice in breeds are German Shepherds which I'm hoping to pick up my new puppy "Harley"" on Saturday if all goes well with the visit/meeting with the pup. Being disabled I just need a companion to be here with me, to lonely all day by myself.

                Hey has anyone heard of a disabled person getting or registering their dog as a companion dog for themselves and then have the ability for him/her to go in places with me??? Or do you have to be blind for that only?!? If anyone has any information on this subject I'd appreciate it. I'm going to post it seperately in case no one reads this whole post.

                Jim (Concord, NH)


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                  Your dog can be an assitant dog and go with you ONLY if they are an assitant to you in some way that you require them. Just as companion would not be enough to get them rated as a therapy/assistant dog.


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                    Too be scientifically biased ;') My favorite breed is the BORDER COLLIE.
                    It is considered in scientific studies to be at the top of list for most intelligent and versital dog., A BC is well known for performing any task associated with a dog. They are the premere herding and performance dog as there stamina is generally remarkable. They come in all sizes and colors and can be easily taught to learn anything that is placed before them. There desire to experiement,understand, and actually manipulate there enviroment is outstanding. I think I better stop before I get kicked off the stage.....LOL! We train them for stock dog work,agility,obedience,flyball,search and rescue, therapy, and service dogs here at our Ranch and training facility...
                    There are many other breeds that we own but our favorite is the BC.
                    Your dogs behavior is but a reflection of your standard. If you treat your dog like a human it will treat you like a dog.


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                      There is a stark difference between a therapy dog and a assistance dog legally....

                      a therapy dog whether certified or not can be allowed or refused axcess totally up to the descression of the establishment. Most therapy dogs have at least a CGC title (form any handler) and preferrably a TDI title (which must be handled only by it's owner during testing to recieve the title/identification status) . A therapy dog generally is specifically used to provide comfort for others.
                      On the other hand a ASSISTANCE dog (three types-guide,hearing and service dog) can be used to provide a service to any individual legally declared to have a disability of various classifications.
                      Most establishments BY LAW must allow axcess to a service dog and there legally disabled handler/owner but is not always the case.
                      We fight this battle everyday training service dogs. I must also comment
                      that many therapy and service dogs have been poorly trained and handled by there owners/handlers which as a result is motivating legeslation for national certification processes that somehow direct that dogs be trtained only by qualified trainers.

                      There are no official certifications for a service dog although various training organizations offer up there own rendition.

                      hope this helps

                      Your dogs behavior is but a reflection of your standard. If you treat your dog like a human it will treat you like a dog.


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                        fave breeds

                        hi all
                        i adore my two dalmatians they are so 'tuned in' to me and the family .
                        one is loud and bouncy where the other is soft and sat on my feet right now :D
                        they have been fantastic dogs to have i also have a shih tzu and have had a patterdale terrier, border collie and a lab x all of which have been great.
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                          chihuahuas and pit bulls are the ultimate best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                            dog breeds

                            Aulstralian sheperds are the best dogs ever.I have one,his name is buddy!he is about 1 and a half years old and is a great dog!
                            animal lover


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                              Boxer's are the Bomb!

                              I have had boxers in my life for 30 years. They are one of the most sweetest and kindest dogs I have ever seen. Even though I do own 2 other breed of dogs, along with my boxer, I love them the same. Boxers are just very carismatic. (hope i spelt that right). lol


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                                My favorite breeds are Golden Retrievers,German Shephards and Maltese.
                                I like Golden Retrievers because they are gentle dogs,I`ve met so many people with retrievers and all were gentle they never barked at me.

                                I like German Shephards because they make good guard dogs and they are very loyal.

                                Maltese are really sweet dogs and very cuddly dogs.
                                Animals always become best friends.