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stuffed kong recipes :)

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  • stuffed kong recipes :)

    hi all
    my three dogs love their kongs and i use different things for stuffing them.

    heres my favourite thing for kongs. i fill the one hole with cheese spread and freeze then i put a filling in usually chopped pepperami or cheese then i fill the other end with peanut butter and freeze, i like this one for the summer.

    any body else got any favourites? has anyone tried those new kong fillers? it looks like a polyfiller tube so i would imagine you squirt a paste inside?
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    My friends dog loves yoghurt. :D
    Animals always become best friends.


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      If you give these frequently you have to be careful about the content. Too much salt, cooked fats, etc are not good for dogs in larger amounts.

      A good choice is to soak the normal kibble in water or plain yoghurt and water, and stuff the kong with that, leaving the high powered special stuff for now and then.

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