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  • puppy crying

    Hello Eveyone,
    I'm new on this site, and I have a question. My friend has a 3 months old golden retriever, since hes a baby, not clean yet he's staying in a cage. After a while he starts crying, whining, barking, and is so difficult to sleep.
    Please anyone can suggest something?
    Really appreciated

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    How long is a while? Puppies should not stay in a cage any longer than 2 hours. He should get a potty break then and some time to romp and play. You could try giving him a kong. They normally provide entertainment for hours. Check with your local pet store to find one.
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child


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      Welcome to the forum!
      Is the cage big enough so the puppy can turn comfortably?
      If yes, I would suggest the same thing as SalemWitchChild.
      Hope this helps!
      Animals always become best friends.


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        Thanks everyone for the reply and welcoming, the dog is staying in a cage only at night. Daytime usually stays outside or inside, and the cage is big enough.


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          he looks a real darling.
          routine helps to settle a dog,set up a good bed time routine.
          my dogs are fed at 8pm everynight and let out for a piddle. when they come in they (if are behaving
          ) are invited into the living room. about 10pm they are let out for one last piddle while i fill up the bowls with fresh water,when they come in its straight to bed.
          no fuss no drama,when the back door is shut i say 'bed' and the crate doors are shut and off i go :) the dalmatians each have a chocolate flavoured nylabone at night and my shih tzu likes a teddy.

          i use the kongs for when i leave in the day but again its with no fuss.
          he needs to learn that every squeek is not going to reward him.even if you march into the kitchen and yell 'no' its still attention and so a reward to him.

          ignore him for as long as you can,i know its hard as my youngest dalmatian would yell her head off but it took longer to get the message across because she is deaf! but from afar just say 'no' and walk away.if you can dont even let him see you when you use 'no'

          as for house training,take him out every half hour or so,esp. after sleeping/eating/play. when he 'goes' outside he is the best dog in the whole wide world and needs to be shown that. call him saying 'oh good boy' and treat him. when he 'goes' while out on a walk, again say 'oh good boy' and then of course the mess will be scooped for safe disposal.

          if you get any accidents indoors dont say a word just clear it away.dont even make eye contact and never smack him. dont use bleach to clean up as the ammonia hightens the smell of his own ammonia. use a pine cleaner or dettol.

          i know ive written this as though its your dog but you know what i mean :) welcome to the board.

          all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)


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            He is so cute!
            Amazing dog!
            Animals always become best friends.


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              I agree that its time and pationts and scheduals, pick up all food and water three hours before bed, and put him out just before its time to go to sleep. Place him in his create, best place is in your room because then he can here you breathing and know hes not alone. I find near the bed so you can roll over and stick a finger in if he starts to cry. At first he'll probubly need to go out aroud threeish. Get up let him out then take him straight to bed. As he gets older the one outting will get later and later until his baby bladder can handle the long eight hour sleep, even I sometimes need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, so think about your baby's needs.

              He wont be able to get through the night for a little while yet, be pationt and stick to a good schedual and before long he'll be sleeping through the night before you know it.

              The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.