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  • Best dog bones??

    HI! I am currently looking for a suitable, safe chew bone for my 2 dogs, 1 Weimaraner and 1 Great Dane. My Weimaraner loves rawhide and is a very strong chewer (It takes just a little bit of time for him to destroy the largest of rawhides) ...I've heard that rawhides aren't safe though. And he won't chew on something that has no flavor. We bought some "Greenies" but never opened them due to the health risk that have come up. :| Has anyone ever used "Gumabone chicken flavored pacifiers" or the different types of bones offered by "Nylabone"? If so, what are your thoughts on them? Has anyone who has used these had any problems with them?? Thanx bunches! :D
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    I used to use Dentabone for my dog a while back, but I wouldn't suggest it if you don't like a mess. He got a lot in his ears and bits on the floor. He's a cocker and to pick out dry bone tangled in his pretty ears is a real pain and left a lot of trimming on my end.

    I'm not sure about the others. I took a peak at the ingredients in Nylabones and I don't see anything that would be too bad about them. I would figure it's worth a shot.


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      nylabones are great. i dont give bones or rawhide due to the choking risks but nylabones you can get in chocolate,vanilla beef or chicken.

      you can get bone shapes, hoops and the gallileo which is huge and knuckle shaped and destroyable ones as well a the ones that dont break.

      i have two chocolate ones which i've had quite a while now but the two dalmatians my shit tzu and all the fosters have had a good gnaw on them.

      twice a year i take all the dogs toys and wash them in dettol and i've done those nylabones a few times now so it makes great value for money. i hadnt realised how good until i wrote this :lol:
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        I like the CET Dental chews. These things are GREAT. Not rawhide and healthy for them. Has enzymes that clean their teeth and they LOVE them.


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          Thanks for the info! I went and bought a few different varieties of Nylabone (you can never have enough chew things when there is a teething puppy in the house :D ) So I will just have to wait and see how the dogs like complaints from the puppy so far but my Weimaraner is still pouting about the lack of rawhides :roll: (It's been 3 weeks since he's had any rawhides, and I think hes going through Weimaraners are always dramatic!) I've never heard of CET Dental chews though, where can you purchase them...& are they messy? I have small children in the house in addition to my canine kids so I would prefer not to buy something that makes a huge mess. Thanks for everything
          "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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            No mess with the CET dental chews.
            There are many places you can get them...even my vet sells them, so most dog places shoud but you can order them online too.

            I get them here mostly:
   sells them.
            BIOVETS has special offers for animalforum members, so you need to compare prices (check the first category of this website for the offer).


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              Best treat for dental

              I have searched all over to find a good treat (not dangerous like greenies) and also one that my dog likes. The best one (I mentioned these in an earlier post) are products by Companion Dental. Sawyer, my dog, loves, loves them and his breath and teeth are SO much better.

              CET chews stained my carpet and the nylabones were worthless. The Companion Dental products are completely natural and digestable. My vet said these were just made available and the best dental treats that he has seen yet. Also, the CETs stink so bad!!!! Open a bag and you will know immediatley what I am talking about!!!


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                I thought the Nyla bones were a washout, too, until Abby reached 10 months old, and then she hunted up all the Nylas and has gone to town on those. I think the ones I bought were too hard for her to enjoy until she got older and stronger.


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                  Nylabone also makes an injection molded rawhide, much better for your dog then the pressed rawhide, it doesn't chunk like the pressed does so your dog wont gulp them down, something my dog does which prevents us from having pressed rawhide in the house.
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                    I give Ava N-Bones sometimes which she really likes. Ava tends to chew her bones throughly and the bone itself just seemed to crumble after a while. It can be a little messy although I've never found them to stain my white couches she likes to chew them on. :roll:
                    ~Jessica, Ava, Scoob & the kitty crew