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2 week old puppies taken from mother, what to do?

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  • 2 week old puppies taken from mother, what to do?

    About a month ago a dog was tied to the bumper of my truck and we took her in and cared for her. Not quite two weeks later she had 7 puppies. Then Saturday she stopped caring for them, had no energy, just wanted to kick back and do nothing--not even eat. Anyway. I took her to the vet first thing this morning and her heart worm test came back positive. So he did some more tests and found that her struggle to breathe was due to the heart worms being so advanced it was now in her lungs. He said we needed to seperate them and bottle feed and try to ween them.

    So now I have her 7 puppies depending on me to care for them and I don't know what to do. I have always had my pets spayed or neutered for various reasons, including because I didn't want to have to do the whole "puppy" thing. I bought some bottles and puppy formula tonight, but none of them were interested in sucking. I tried regular milk, again, no one was interested. I gave them wet food watered down with the formula and 5 of them ate it decently. But they are still crying.

    What should I do? How do I get them to bottle feed? Any suggestions on the right formula?

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    It is very hard work. My mother use to have a trick though. She'd use regular cows milk (whole milk) break up bread in small peices and let it soak. Then sprinkle a little sugar in it. Make sure it's nice and wet. Put it in a pie pan.

    Put a towel down on the floor so your floors don't get messy. Try to get them to drink the mixture by lightly touching the pups mouth to the milk. If they get a taste they normally start eating it.. be careful not to get it in their nose.

    If you can't get them to eat by tomorrow I'd take them back to the vet and see if they can get em to eat.
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      what a disaster for you. i'm so sorry.

      i have no experience of heart worm at all, wioll it take long to cure or will she die?

      all i can say for the pups is to keep plugging away all you can do is keep offering and as salem says visit the vet too.

      book a nurses app ~(no charge then) the nurse will be able to show you better than a vet.the nurse will probably have some good tips for you too.

      hey salem, the bread soaked in milk thing - my nan used to make a egg and milk mixture then dunk bread in so both sides were covered and then fry. she called it gypsy bread. very yummy :)
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        My mother use to do something similar too. She wouldn't soak it.. Just enough to get wet then put it on a hot plate. Served with maple syrup.
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        Salem Witch Child


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          Hi. Sorry to hear about your situation. I hope the puppies are doing ok. I came across a site that might be helpful to you. It's about breeding and whelping dogs, but about three quarters of the way down the page is a section all about weaning puppies, bottle feeding puppies ect. ect. and it also has suggestions on what to feed the pups...hope this helps..Good luck!

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            Thank you guys SOOO much for your help!!! This has been a very draining experience--emotionally and physically. My attemp to rescue one life turned into a life or death saving of 8. I've never had to deal with anything like this and it's very hard on me, especially since I've gotten as attached to the mother dog as I have. It's very hard.

            Smiffy, the vet said by the tests and x-rays and "all" he thinks she's had the heartworms for at least a year. There is no reason she should still be alive and no reason at all she should have been able to delivery live puppies. He is amazed that she is even still walking. She's definately a fighter.

            He said he would do treatment but that it probably wouldn't help. He thinks the worms are too advanced and spread too far into her body for any treatment to help. So doing the worm treatment is my decision at this point--though he pressed how it would cost over $300, would be very draining on her, and would probably kill her anyway.

            I found a homeopathic heart worm remedy the day she was diagnosed and I'm leading towards trying it. We just don't have the $300 the vet needs down to begin treatment. I added a new page to our website asking for donations to help raise the funds for treatment. I put a listing on eBay for it too but because we are a private organization, the listing was removed. We had already received $140 so it was really, REALLY hard when eBay refunded all the already paid donations. Some of those people have emailed me privately and offered to mail check or money order to me or the vet directly. The vet's office has also put a flyer up and is asking if anyone would like to put any towards her treatment. They are helping me more than I could have ever expected with her.

            Anyway. The puppies are doing well. We actually chose not to completely take them away from her. After 3 hours of listening to her yell and scream and cry, I couldn't do it. She's been taking real good care of them and herself. It's almost like she knows I will feed them if she won't--or can't--and gives me a look every now and again like, "I just don't have the energy right now." And the bottles, saucers and dishes of food come out for them. lol

            She's doing okay, she's on a lot of medications and herbs and vitamins. She's not into the Pepto Bismol though--LOL. She let me do it a few times yesterday but by last night she knew what the pink stuff was and she faught. She made it through last night without messing all over the floor, which was awesome. Well, for me mostly (I couldn't handle cleaning up the many piles of diarrhea off my carpet at 4 in the morning anymore). hehe She's walking around a bit more, though I'm trying to keep her as imobile as I can (I guess the less active she is, the harder it is for the worms to strive).

            Anyway. It's really hard. I wouldn't wish this on anyone or any animal. For now we're trying to look on the bright side.....she should have been dead a long time ago. She should have had dead what should have looked like puppies. But she's alive. And not only are the pups alive, but they are big rolly ole girls who have ALL tested negative for heartworms. And that's a positive in my book.

            I just really wish there was someone we could prosecute for having let her get to this condition.


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              thats great the mother wants to take care of her pups and in the long run although draining will probably help her to hold on and fight.

              she knows you are on hand to help so all round thats the best for you her and the pups. i'm so sorry her case is so severe.

              i am going to pm you a web addy for the group i am helping right now. they treat in nothing but homeopathic remedies and might be able to suggest more to help you.
              all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)


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                Instead of cows milk, I would buy some esbilac (puppy formula) and use that. Keep trying with the bottle. Get a small nipple for the top, instead of the larger size ones. Keep us posted.

                I understand ebay's point. There are so so so many scams on the internet these days. No one can be sure that anything is on the up and up. We don't allow it here either. But $300 is not really that bad. If you want to keep the mother dog, the spay and aftercare will probably cost you that much after she is recovered. So if you are set on keeping her if she makes it, you might wish to consider if you can afford it. Medical care and just general dog costs can be expensive. :(

                Please keep us posted.
                Let us know how it all goes.