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New dog, not big on eating out of a dish.

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  • New dog, not big on eating out of a dish.

    Okay, so we picked up a husky from AC this morning. They've been begging me to take her for a few weeks now and I've just now got the room.

    She's just a puppy, guessing maybe 4 or 5 months old. In good shape but could gain at least 10 lbs. She's a bit shy but I expect her to be bouncing off the walls in a day or two when she's more comfortable. She's a little weary of my bigger dog, almost always on guard but I also expect it to go away when they've been together more. She did roam the yard and ran back and forth to release some bent up energy I'm sure; afterall, she has been kenneled for a month.

    She was spayed a week ago and her stitches are healed up great. They told me she ate really well after they got her settled in the kennel. Then I guess she stopped eating about three days ago. After the second day, they started ordering extra cheeseburgers from some fast food joint to feed her those (DUH!!!!) and she ate it--as long as it was being hand-fed to her. She'll also take hot dogs by hand. And I guess yesterday they were hand feeding the dog food to her, which she ate. But when it all was put in a bowl or on a plate, she refused it. I offered a meat mix to her which she ate by hand but wouldn't eat it out of the dish (or even off the floor).

    Any ideas?

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    Has she been to the vet to rule out any health problems? If yes and there is nothing wrong Offer her food for about 20 minutes in the bowl. If she doesn't eat it pick it up and offer her more at the next scheduled feeding. She will start eating when she gets really hungry. Do this ONLY if there is nothing physically wrong with her.
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      According to the vet who did her spaying on Saturday the 3rd, she was in excellent condition (a little dehydrated and a few pounds underweight). But overall, in excellent health. She was spayed, got a parvo and rabies shot. When she stopped eating, they did an x-ray and blood work and all was well. Tested negative for heartworm and all other worms. "Insides" looked good, lungs were clear, organs sounded clean and functioning properly. I guess it was the vet who suggested seeing if she'd eat table scraps and/or keep them down (which, she has).

      My guess is that she's been so spoiled on table scraps for the last 3 or 4 days that she doesn't want the hard food anymore. Her teeth look good, no tarter build up and no bad breath to suggest any are rotting.

      It's not that she doesn't eat anything at all. It's that she won't eat out of a dish or off a plate. My first thoughts, like I said, are SPOILED!!!

      Yeah, I'm gonna try the "eat it when it's offered or go without" ordeal. I'm gonna start her on some B-12 too; it helps my other dogs eat better so it can't hurt to try.

      It's dark in here so I didn't get a good pic, but here's a couple anyway. I'll try to get some better ones another day when she's more active. She's not going to be here too long. She's already been adopted to a guy in Florida. But I brought her to do a temperment testing, see how she is around children, cats, other dogs, yadayadayada and if she's food aggressive. So provided she's fine with everything and passes her tests, she's good to go!!!


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        aw she's pretty.. Sometimes when they get shots they get a bit sick.. but if she is not showing any signs other than being a picky eater I'd say she just got use to being spoiled.

        Looks like she needs a bath though.. :)
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          Well, sad to say it looks like she may be euthenized. :( I am returning her to AC tomorrow for eval and training in a private home.

          She attacked my Mal earlier for no apparent reason. Then later she leaped over the fence to get in with the 6 week old puppies, killed one and one lost an eye. And trying to kennel her, she attacked the cat (who is ok just scared to death).

          She's a very sweet dog. She seems to know commands really well, appears housebroke, leash and crate trained. But she's aggressive towards everyone but me. I'm not comfortable placing her in a home and I think it's safer she get her eval and training somewhere else.

          She did eat tonight, so that's a good thing. I rubbed a paper plate on my shirt, put food on the plate and then gave it to her. She smelled the plate and then ate everything that was on it. Her doing this makes me wonder if she may not also be food aggressive. It's just not a comfortable situation for me.

          I feel so bad for her. She is beautiful and so playful. She just doesn't get along with.......well.......anything that moves.


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            aw that's not good..

            Is she husky X? Husky's have a huge pray drive. Anything smaller than them is fair game... Which may be why she is ok with you but not your animals.

            I'm sorry but it is probibly best.

            Sorry you did say she is a husky..duh read the initial thread Robin... :wink:
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              Thanks Robin, I appreciate how you understand where I'm coming from.

              She was of course listed as a Husky mix but I don't think she really is mixed with anything; she looks pretty husky to me.

              I thought of the prey thing too. But, she is 100 lbs smaller than my Mal and even as an alpha and having been pinned by my Mal as many times as she was it makes no sense the husky would have attacked her again. The last time, my Mal was sprawled out sleeping in front of the couch when I brought the Husky out of the crate to take her outside. There was a good 5 feet between the two of them and the Husky just took off at my Mal and went straight for her neck. Her intentions were to kill. Fortunetly, not only did it wake my Mal (and piss her off) but I had the Husky on a leash so I could jerk her off.

              Pit Bull fighting is a really big around here, sad to say. I was talking with my AC friend last night and she said it's highly possible they used the Husky as bait for the pit bull fights or maybe even used her to train a pit. She is missing a couple of front teeth, despite them all looking healthy and it looks like she have had her mouth broken in the very front, sliced right down the middle. There is a scar and the teeth in the front are all crooked. But they don't appear to bother her or hurt to touch. It's definately a healed wound. Granted, it could be from a number of reasons--even a birth defect--but taking into consideration her appearance and her demeanor we are leaning towards high possibilities she was used for fighting and/or training.

              AC says she had been kenneled awhile with a male husky who has since been adopted. According to AC, there were never any problems with the two of them. 16 of my dogs are puppies so as far as adult does goes, only one out of 5 is a male. And the male is seperated from everyone else so technically she's around all females. Which says to me she's an alpha female or female aggressive.

              But still the thought of putting her in a home scares me. As much as I hate the thought of having to have her put down, I'd never forgive myself if I place her and she does damage to another animal or worse yet, a child.


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                HEHE I missed your comment on her needing a bath. Actually, she is pretty clean. She's all white with tan markings on her back and tail. Yes, her paws are dirty though. She spent a few minutes walking in the swimming pool and then got out onto the dirt and it turned to mudd on her paws.


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                  Yes it sounds like you have made the right decision. Have you considered that she may be mixed with wolf or coyote? I don't know how rural your area is but here lots of stray dogs in the country here that get mixed with coyote. Of course that gives them a very high prey drive. Most are not suitable pets.
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                    If she is a wolf-dog, she's VERY low content. There are a ton of wolf-dogs in this area and our Mal is a wolf-dog. Which, we didn't know when we got her so 3 years ago after some similar problems we took a crash course in raising a wolf-dog. That's why we try really hard to get the wolves and wolf-dogs before they are destroyed or even adopted out to other people. But, I don't think she's got any wolf in her and even if she does, it's not much. As far as coyote goes...LOL On the way home yesterday hubby and I both almost at the same time said she kinda looks like a coyote. But even still, it'd be low content. We used to have a husky/coyote cross, mid content, and he was hubby's baby so I think that's why he wants to keep trying with this one. But he doesn't understand that Pepper wasn't as rough as this one is; even if she isn't a coyote-dog.

                    We still haven't agreed on what we want to do. We are weighing towards having her put down. At least she'll be destroyed after having been given some love. Hubby wants to give her til next weekend to see if she relaxes and learns the "flow" around here. She seems to understand I'm alpha. When we walked around this morning she stayed behind me, but I know that doesn't neccessarily mean anything. Hubby's one of those people who wants to try and save them all. She is just a puppy and he thinks in time we can train her the "right" way. But she's obviously had the taste of blood elsewhere and brought the desire here with her and that's so hard a thing to break. Our Mal has had the taste of Rabbits so we know that we can't have rabbits around and we keep the peace by not raising them anymore. But with the husky it seems like she just wants whatever she can find. And I'm not comfortable with that. And being locked up in a kennel all alone is no life for any animal, hybrid or not.

                    Anyway. But until we decide, she has been named Jessie, and surprisingly comes to it already.


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                      I got a couple pics outside this morning. They are a lot better than the ones I posted yesterday.

                      Oh yeah.......and she's been eating from a dog dish since about midnight.