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The fleas are driving me mad!!!!

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  • The fleas are driving me mad!!!!

    Fleas are HORRIBLE this year!!! At least I think they are. I don't come from "flea world" so I didn't even know my dog had fleas until someone told me. I'm going insane!!! EVERY single one of my dogs and cats use Advantix (well Frontline for the cats). And I'm religious with the stuff, it's marked on my calendar to use within 30 days of the last dose.

    But the fleas are HORRIBLE still!!! What more can I do? I've washed my carpet, I've used spray stuff on my carpets and furniture. I've de-flead and de-flead again. What the heck???

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    I would flea bomb the house. The spray only does so much.
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      Boil citrus fruit peelings, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, ect... and bath your dog in the water afterwards (once it cools of course) use it as the soap, its an awsome home remedy for this problem. Then pack up the animals and strip the beds. Wash all the bed sheets and spray your house or bomb it with a flea killer. Leave your home for the whole day, over night if possible. Your animals have to be treated the sameday as your home and be out of the house during the time required for the sprays to do the jobs.

      Make sure you spray your car too before hand if they have been in your car, chances are the fleas are there too.
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        Any suggestions on a good flea bomb that works???

        And isn't Advantix known for how all you have to do is treat the dog and everything the dog touches will kill the fleas???

        Do flea collars really work? Someone said in another post she put one in her vaccum. But I've heard flea collars don't actualy work at all. My cat has no hair behind either one of his ears. I know he's got fleas despite the use of Frontline and he's wearing a flea collar. I had to double dose two dogs two weeks ago cause their fleas were so bad. They look better now but still scratch. The areas they scratch look more like heat rashes then flea problems or hot spots though.

        I'm working with some local adoption agencies right now about taking my rescues. I feel very strong there is an issue in my ground that's causing some of the skin problems with the neighborhood dogs, including my own. So if I can pass these guys off to other rescue group, they can take care of the what looks like heat rashes on their bellys, I can take care of my ground and my house and all will be well in time.

        It's just so aggravating.


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          both the rescues i work for feed all our dogs a garlic capsule in the food once a day. it really does help - we use frontline and drontal too but we feel its a good interim treatment.

          my mil never flea treated her collie only using garlic capsules and she swears she never saw a flea.

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            They all get a garlic capsule (1200mg) every day except for my Mal who gets two.

            Peanut, Momma (Collie) and Hazel (Mal) get allergy pills (2, 3 and 3).

            The rest take an antioxidant, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Vit C, Cod Liver Oil, Potassium, Vit E, B12 (Momma and Hazel get 2), Momma, Peanut and Jessie get Echinacea and Goldenseal 3x a day, Momma's on Endosorb and Peanuts on Amoxy and the ones who don't take the combination get a PetTabs daily vit.

            I don't use Frontline because I live in a wooded area and the ticks are bad too. We haven't seen many ticks this year but I'd rather be safe than sorry; especially since Hazel, Momma and Jessie have long and/or thick coats so seeing ticks is difficult. And the Frontline doesn't defend against mosquitos which is also really bad around here, especially in the wooded areas.

            I also have Momma's puppies in a kennel and put cedar shavings down for several reasons, mainly because fleas are supposed to hate the smell of cedar and other insects won't come near cedar either.


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              You might want to try something like sentinal, its a pill that makes the fleas infertile, they no longer can reproduce, kills them off pretty darn quick. We give it for six months in the summer then take them off it for six months in the winter which I think is very important so the drug doesn't build up in their systems.
              The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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                Is Sentinal OTC and is it okay to give to the nursing dog?


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                  I'm sure it is, but double check with your vet, don't want to make a mistake there.
                  The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.