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  • Finicky eater?

    Hi folks. I am new to your forum and glad to be among those who obviously do love dogs. We have a 44lb. 9 1/2 month old "special blend" pup. She has some lab and some american eskimo, and at least a dozen other types of doggy in her.

    We have never had a dog who is not a glutton. This new pup eats about 1 1/2 - 2 cups of kibble mixed with a large spoonful of canned food a day. She is energetic, bright, does not vomit or have diarrhea. She will gooble up training snacks like a normal dog. She is not losing weight and looks fit.
    Maybe I am just not used to a dog who is such a light eater. Any opinions on
    this? Maybe some dogs just do not make pigs of themselves? Does this sound like what is know as a "finicky" eater? Would love your input. Thanks.
    ~ ritabooker

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    Finicky is not what I would call her. A finicky eater wont eat what you try to give them. Actually this is very normal, in fact from the time our dogs come off puppy food and are sleeping through the nights we start feeding free choice, our dogs eat when they want and how much they want. This way they never become glutton. We also don't do timed eatings, where you put food down for fifteen minutes then pick it up, this just incourages your dog to hoover their food. The only reason we stopped feeding free chioce is our shepard/lab started to gain too much weight for his joints, 120 odd pounds right now.

    If your dog is being that good I would consider taking her off the soft food, it can go bad easily espically in the summer, and just feed free choice, that way, when she is hungery, she'll eat, and when shes not she wont. We feed every morning and every night, our dogs still have food in their dishes all day, they eat most often right after we get home. My old dog was free choice and you never saw her at the food dish except first thing in the morning and when we got home from being out. Be happy, most people have to teach their dogs to slow down, I love a dog that knows the food is always there, less stress and better health when their not gobbling down their food only half eaten.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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      Thanks celtechfarms

      Thanks for your reply. OK, I will be happy with this situation. And I am more comfortable leaving the food out all day, too. If she wants to eat in small amounts, several times a day, maybe that is what her stomach can handle. I never realized a dog her size could survive on such small amounts of food. I will adjust.


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        Our hundred pound survives off of five cups a day, three in the morning, two at night. Its actually what the bag calls for on the back for their size. Its amazing what a dog can survive off of. Look at wolves, they live of meals here and there, rarely eating two days in a row.
        The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.