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  • Spraying!

    I have just adopted a 5 year old male chihuahua. I already have a 4year old female. She is spayed & he was recently neutered. They gave me a "puppy pad belt" for him to wear in the house to prevent him from spraying. He wears it but sometimes he tries to pull it off, which tells me it's bothering him. Is there a way to stop him from spraying so he doesn't have to keep wearing this thing??

    Thanks for any advice!

    My younguns are Lulu and Paco :D

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    Actually I guess you would call it marking... hehe



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      Unfortunately that is one of the MAJOR drawbacks of neutering a dog later. You obviously did not have a choice since you made the wonderful choice of adopting this dog (GREAT!!!!!) but just as an FYI for others - get your dog neutered EARLY in life and you will never have this problem!!

      It will take up to 8 weeks after his neutering for him to stop this behavior and some dogs simply do not, even though they no longer have the "reason" to do it any more. he had five years to develop this habit and you may have to do some training to break him of it.

      Yell loudly and sharply when you catch him at it. Then inflict on him teh absolute worst punishment you can on a dog - separate him from the pack. Put him in another room, alone, or in his crate - in a place where he can not see you or the other animals in the house. Make him stay there for 15-230 minutes whenever he does this behavior.

      You have to catch him in it though - you can't punish him AFTER the fact (i.e. if you see the urine later). You need to catch him actually doing it...yell "NO!!!" and then isolate him for a time.

      You'll be ok!