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    ewwww!!!!! i went into my local pet store yesterday looking for a fish and they had a TON of puppies. they have 4 cages that are probably 1 1/2 feet by 4 feet and they had 18 puppies crammed in the 4 cages (3 in one, 8 in another one....yadayada). i saw this beagle and it was SOOO cute! he had big old floppy ears on this little bitty head. then he stood up and walked to me and i nearly puked!!! there was nothing to him! he wobbled when he walked cuse he had no muscle or fat around his bones to suport him. it was disgusting! i didn't say anything to them cause they had to have noticed and i was afraid if i said something he'd think i'd call animal control and file a report and to not get in trouble he'd just kill the puppy as soon as i left. you know? anyway. so i called animal control when i got home and they said they couldnt do anything about it. but a friend said they wouldn't do anything about it cause the guy who owns the store is the chief of police's brother and one of the workers is the mayor's son and another is the daughter of someone who is supposedly highly respected around here. i'm sure the poor pup just has some illness, like worms or a parasite or something so I'd take him and make it better but they want $1400 for him! what can i do? i don't have that kind of money to buy a sick mutt.

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    There's nothing you can really do unfortunately. Except educate others why not to buy puppies from the pet store.
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      That's just sick!! Poor baby...I can't stand people sometimes, how can they have that puppy in their care in that condition and not do anything about it??!?!?!?!?! We used to have a pet store here that sold puppies and kittens, the local Rescue the Animals did a huge write up about puppy mills and pet store puppies on numerous occasions because law enforcement wouldn't or couldn't do anythign about it. Once word got out and there was such bad publicity the store eventually quit selling them. Now of course they have since gone out of business. I don't care if a store has the best deals in town on somethign I really want, I absolutely refuse to purchase ANYTHING from a place that supports puppy milling and sells puppies.

      We have a PetSmart now and they don't sell puppies and kittens, they do however get puppies, dogs, cats and kittens from our local rescues and shelters and provide an adoption center for them in their store since they only get 3 days to live if they are in the shelter. Very good of them so even though they are more pricey on a lot of things I still go and buy the dogs toys and such from them.
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        Got a cell phone with a camera feature?

        If so, take a trip in with a friend. Get the friend to distract the clerk with the fish, or whatever is furthest from the puppies. Then snap off a few photos go home get them onto your computer and email them to your district ASPCA, or whatever group is in your area, around here its the Nova Scotia SPCA. Don't bother with local animal control, and even if there isn't an SPCA in your area, they should still be willing to send out an investigator. Explain your concerns and what you have been told so they understand why you are going over the heads of you reginol animal control or SPCA.

        They should be more then willing to go out and take a look with your pictures as evidence of the conditions. If the camera will take video do that too. But remember a camera will be noticed over a cell phone, and don't use a flash, you'll only get reflection on the glass, and no good pictures of the pup in question.
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          we do that when investigating puppy farms. we get in closer (and with permission :lol: ) when we go in as mr and mrs stupid. wheni'm oohing and ahhing (this always looks best when there is no mrs puppy farmer about :wink: ) over the pedigrees and 'how good they look' dear hubby (who wanted one last look at the dog i 'told him he couldnt have') will go back and get my pics for me.

          doing it this way we get valuable clear evidence and we have taken one ex brood bitch and been able to track others so it really pays off. just be subtle about it and dont go over board. we only take 2 or 3 pics but by being polite and dippy we leave the door open to going back again for more.

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            yeah i thought about going in and asking if i could take a couple pics of the three that were the same breed cause i have a friend who wants one but she lives far away and asked if i could take pics to email so she could see them before making the drive all the way out here. think that'd work? or ask if i can take pics cause i want all of them so i want pics so i can look at them every day to see if it'll help me decide which one i relly want. :lol: