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Lawsuit on Petfood Compaines

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    I'll check on some of the other boards I'm a member of and see if they know anything about Canidea.

    So far the one's that come to mind are Innova and Canidea as far as "still good foods" go.
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      Thanks, Crystal.

      I have checked Canidae's site and the recall list, and googled Canidae, and all my info comes back negative for a recall, ever.


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        I could be wrong. Truth be told, I'm not even paying much attention to the recall list anymore. I'm so frustrated and upset with the whole ordeal anymore and since I stopped feeding kibbles to the dogs and cats and stopped with wet food for the puppies and kittens, any store-bought crap that gets recalled is of little concern to me. But when I do happen to glance at it, that's all it is--a quick little glance. So don't quote me on anything.


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          Originally posted by Shortie
          Have you guys tried Homestyle Select? My dog is currently using that product. Read up on it, it’s pretty good. It was NOT on the recall list and there are visible chunks of veggies in it. Also it reads 70% fresh meat on the label. Im not a dog food specialist but im pretty satisfied with their product.
          Hi Shortie: The ingredients list on the Homestyle Select says Chicken and Liver as the first two ingredients, that is good. The protein percentage is only 10% which is lower than alot of dog foods, but the fat percentage is lower than Canidae(for example) so that is good. The brewer's rice in the Homestyle is not the highest quality form of grain(whole grain is best), but the specific meat and vegetable sources tend to outweigh that in my opinion.
          Also, I did not see any scary chemicals in the ingredients list and that is a very good thing.
          Overall, Homestyle Select looks better than many other dog foods to me. I feed Canidae and it has not been recalled. Canidae has probiotics which are working well for Abby. She has no more upset stomach since going on Canidae.

          Here are links to site which rate dog foods based on ingredients:

          The third link is an interesting but not perfect system for analyzing ingredients. I think it is a decent guide for choosing a kibble. These sites are not saying any food is safe from recall, though, just rating for nutritional value.


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            We had a lot of worry over what to feed our dogs. We had two, Suzy, a standard Yorky, and Hannah, a Cairn, both terriers, over 17 +14 = 31 years!

            Suzy had the usual mix of dry foods and canned foods and did ok but was never in very good health, and as I now realize had symptoms of chronic mild scurvy. Her gums and teeth were in very poor state as she aged.

            But with Hannah we had the awful (and very unusual) occurrence of an acute retention of urine due to bladder stones. So I did some research and changed her diet to a raw one, which resulted in a general improvement of health as well as stopping the stones.

            For a detailed account of her diet change have a look at her case history which I wrote up at the suggestion of her vet. She said that diet and bladder stones are closely connected.

            A 'raw' diet and Bladder Stones -


            We did not give bones as bone fragments caused so many problems - ask any vets. Hannah was given bones by my mother who always gave her dogs bones, and as a result the vet had to remove bone splinters from Hannah's rectum when she suffered agony trying to pass her stools. I have those splinters to this day. They are flakes and very sharp - not funny !
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