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Safe flea control on pets and around property

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  • Safe flea control on pets and around property

    I'd like to hear what everyone uses for flea control on their pets and in the house/around the property. I'd prefer "natural" products, however, what I've tried doesn't seem to be making much of a dent.

    My concern with safer products is because I have 7 young children always in the home and around the pets (babysitting). They range in age from 3 months to 7 years. It is very difficult to tell the children not to touch the pets though so if there is something I can do that won't make me lock them away while the kids are around, I'd like to go that route.

    I also have 14 cats and dogs that range in age from 4 weeks to 10 years so I'd need something that is both safe for the younger 4 week old kittens but strong enough to really "work" on the large 10 year old dog.

    I've had good luck with Capstar and buy it quite often as it's safe for both cats and dogs over 2 lbs. But these only last so long and at $2.50 a pill and needing 14 pills, it adds up quickly. I do have a flea trap in every carpeted room (basically a night light with a sticky pad underneath--the fleas are supposed to "go to the light" and then get stuck in the pad and ultimately die). It works, but not well enough. I also use Boric Acid in the carpets and the yard. I sprinkle it on the carpets at night when I go to bed and then vacuum it first thing in the morning before the kids come over. And I sprinkle it along the fence line outside as well as in the sunniest part of the yard (because the ground stays the warmest in that area and fleas like the heat). I also have started having pest control out once per month to spray the house and the yard--though when that happens we're required to leave for at least 5 hours and having to board 14 animals every month is costly (even if it is only for one day).

    I really am not comfortable using any insecticidal products on my animals though. I mean, if it says to seek medical help if a human gets it on their skin, how is it safe to apply directly to the skin of the cat that weighs 200 lbs less than I do? I'm not even sure I'm comfortable applying it to the skin of the dog that only weighs a mere 50 lbs less than I do!!! And the spray stuff, haha, I used that once on a dog and NEVER again. It TORE her to pieces and she suffered miserably.

    I am considering ordering some nematodes (?).....I've read those are great with fleas but I've never talked to anyone who actually has them. Forgive me for not being trusting of what a company claims......with what happened to the dog I used a spray flea stuff on and some very bad luck I had with a topical flea product and the recalls on foods and treats lately I'm finding it extremely difficult to trust those who claim to sell only what's best for my pet. I'd much rather go with the word of other caring pet owners who won't make any profit from my purchase.

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    Gosh..I wish I was of some help to you but I don't have near as many animals so it's obviously easier for me to keep things under wraps.

    After our house burnt we came out here, mowed the yard and treated the entire front, back and area just outside of the fence. Can't remember what the product was called but I'll ask hubby. It's great for fleas, ticks & mosquitos (a big problem here) though. Then before we moved into the house we fumigated everything. And since we didn't own anything when we moved in here we didn't have to worry about bringing fleas or anything with us in the funiture.

    As far as what I use on the in my area I can't really use the natural products just because west/central Texas seems to be crawling with bugs and the natural products just haven't been strong enough.
    I use Frontline Plus. What most people don't understand about these products is they are highly concentrated and you do not have to re-apply every month. The package even says so. Brutus weights in around 200 lbs, give or take a few and I buy the Frontline that is for 89-132 lbs. I re-apply every 2-3 months and I never have a flea problem. No scratching, no flea dirt, his bedding is clear of parasites and an empty flea comb when I use it on him.

    I dunno if this would be of any help or not but a friend pasted it along to me.

    Under the information links there are several links about natural flea, tick and worm prevention. You may have already seen these before, but if not it wouldn't hurt to look and see if there might be a solution listed for you.

    Good luck and I hope you can find a solution soon.
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