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    Here's a pretty simple one I used to feed my dogs. This would be considered a BARF diet though (because of the added vegie's). When I fed this I also fed turkey backs and necks. Anyway--hope it helps somewhat.

    5 lbs of raw meat (chopped or ground) NO PORK (raw pork is known to cause tape worms)

    2 cups brown rice.

    All or any combination of FRESH Vegetables (carrots, broccoli spears, yams, sweet potatos, cauliflower, celery, corn-any kind of vegetable you can get).

    One bulb garlic

    (I have added 2 raw eggs to this in the past as well as 2 envelopes of Knox gelatin).

    NOTE: The fiber you add (veggies, rice, garlic) should be 25% of the amount of meat mixture, i.e. to 5 lbs of meat, add about 1½ lbs fiber foods


    Cook the rice (brown rice helps regulate stools as greeny vegetables can be a diarhetic), finely chop or shred the vegetables (sometimes certain vegetables are harder to digest in some breeds so finely chopping or shredding them will help your pet digest them easier, you can also steam them for a short period of time), chop the bulb of garlic (garlic is a natural remedy for arthritis and other minor aches and pains and it aids in the digestive track. Garlic is also a good flea remedy),

    Combine all these ingredients in a large bowl or pan with the 5 lbs of raw meat and thoroughly mix together (you’ll feel like you’re making a big, colorful meat loaf).


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      Hey Arazante, have you looked at Honest Kitchen's dehydrated RAW foods?? My SIL has the total creep outs about raw meat but she orders this for her new cat and he seems to do fine on it

      I have thought about ordering some for my dogs to keep with me when I take them out of town...especailly to my grandparents because they don't have much freezer space and I hate shopping in unfamilar territory (they live in Alabama) :) It isn't strict RAW like what I feed, but I can tolerate them having some veggie stuff every now and then...that is if mine will eat it :)
      "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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        Hey Country--how do you feel about a strict chicken diet for a large breed dog? I have one that doesn't seem too interested in anything else. I understand that it'd probably be better than straight kibble but is chicken all the time okay? Let's see--three nights ago I offered chicken backs, liver, and a meat/vege mix--and she ate the chicken back but nothing else. Then two nights ago I did chicken liver and turkey necks and huge pieces of beef ribs--and she turned it down. Both nights after she refused that stuff I put more chicken backs out and she ate them fine. Then last night I did beef liver, chicken backs and chicken thighs and she ate the chicken but not the liver. I don't know why she's doing this. I only make the meat mix (which is kind of combination between the Satin Balls and the mix I gave the recipe to above) because she loves it. And the turkey necks and livers--man, she used to LOVE them. As she did beef, she was BIG on beef. Now, table scraps, no problem. We had steak for dinner last night and I let her have what was left on the kids' plates and she ate them without thinking. But then whatever night or two before I put beef in her dish (raw) and she refused it. So would it be better to just offer her chicken for awhile or chicken and boiled beef?

        And what's your opinion on feeding gizzards? I'm just curious as to why no one ever says anything about them as part of a feed. And what are your thoughts on pork? I've read for years and been told all the time to never ever feed pork at all yet now a days I'm finding websites that say pork is okay as long as it's fully cooked and the site I linked to from you yesterday say raw pork was okay. Again, just curious to your thoughts.


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          As far as the one animal protein thing (i.e chicken) I wouldn't want to feed just one animal to my critters. Though if I had to choose between kibble and nothing but chicken it's obvious what I would :wink:

          Blue does this sometimes too...basically he's being a spoiled brat and saying he wants nothing but meat type X. When he does this I offer say Beef. If he doesn't eat it within 15-20 minutes, I pick up the dish and put it away. Next meal time rolls around and I do it again. Eventually he will see that he's gonna eat what's there or he's going to skip meal time :) It's just like a kid who refuses to eat anything but pudding (my 4 year old did this) You just gotta put your foot down unless you want to forever cater to what the dog wants. I personally don't like spoiled kids or

          Now there are some things they just flat out do not like and I don't force those things (on kids and Like Blue hates whole, raw fish...I think he would rather die before eating i don't make him. But when it is to a point where he will only eat 1 item, I draw the line and he figures out he better get over

          I feed gizzards too. My cat REALLY loves these and chicken hearts so I buy packs just for him, but the dogs eat them's just a muscle meat and no problem in feeding it.

          On pork...I feed pork about 3 or four times a week. Favorite pork items in this house are pork necks...I usually buy the whole ones..each weight about 3 pounds and they are nice and meaty. I rarely buy the cut ones unless they are covered in lots of meat and are large sized pieces.

          Raw pork feet and tails make good chewy items too. Slabs of pork ribs and pork roast are fed here as well. Obviously I don't cook any of them and I have never had a problem. I feed not only store bought pork, but local farm raised and even wild boar when I can get it.

          A cheap way to buy pork (and beef too)...where ever you order your meats ask them if they can get beef and pork trimmings for you. This is the meat left after they carve up roast and trim pork chops and such. You get lots of fat (which is good if you have a poor keeper in the house) but you also get lots of meat..especially if you ask for meatier trimmings.

          I can get by with lots of meaty chunks of beef for about $0.97 - $1.09 per pound doing it that way..where as I can't even buy ground beef for that price.

          Another good pork Wal-Mart I buy those shoulder roast for right at a $1.00 per pound. I trim off meat in big chunks and freeze it it feed with chicken backs or turkey necks later. And I leave a lot of meat still on that bone. I give one meaty bone to Blue and Brutus and it gives them a great work out and they LOVE it.
          "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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            We had a lot of trouble with our Cairn which seem to be down to diet, so we switched to a semi-raw diet that seem to suit her very well.

            For a detailed account of her diet change have a look at her case history which I wrote up at the suggestion of her vet. She said that diet and bladder stones are closely connected.

            A 'raw' diet and Bladder Stones -


            We did not give bones as bone fragments caused so many problems - ask any vets. Hannah was given bones by my mother who always gave her dogs bones, and as a result the vet had to remove bone splinters from Hannah's rectum when she suffered agony trying to pass her stools. I have those splinters to this day. They are flakes and very sharp - not funny !
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