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7 Simple ways to safe Guard your dog this summer!

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  • 7 Simple ways to safe Guard your dog this summer!

    Some simple tips to help your dog beat the heat.If you have a hard time in summer imagine how it must feel under a fur coat! here are some simple tips to help your dog beat the heat.
    1) Bob The Hair:
    If you have a shaggy dog like a pomeranian, Pekinese or any such variation then listen up. Your dog needs a hair cut. Tha hair should be cut with scissors and not shaved. Do not cut around the whiskers but you can carefully trim around the eyes.The less hair on your dog the cooler he will keep. If you have a short haired dog no need for a trim.
    2) Play it cool:
    Food can be lighter and given before it gets hot in the morning and after it cools down in the evening.Depending on the dogs normal diet, reduce or entirely eliminate meat. Replace with soya, mashed or cooked with meat flavour. When a dog is panting give ice to lick.
    3) walk on the mild side:
    Walks should be taken early and then again after sundown. Don''t encourage chasing, fetching games too much.
    4) Cool it:
    If you enjoy airconditioning so does your dog.If you have a cooled space share it with your pooch.
    5) No closed encounters:
    Never leave dogs in a completely closed space. If your dog is home, Leave on the fan. In a car, leave the window partially open.
    6) Let it all hang out:
    Dogs sweat from their tongues so never tie or muzzle the mouth in the summer. Whilst giving medical treatment see if you can hold the head rather than tying the mouth. If you have to tie the mouth be sure to release as quickly as possible.
    7) Do not bathe your dog more than once a month.
    Soap/ Cleansers strip their skin of natural oils and lead to skin irritation. when dirty you can simply towel dry with a damp towel.

    Kindly post your comments Thanks
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    NEVER EVER shave a matter what. And if considering a "hair cut" be very careful as to how much you cut. A dog's coat serves many purposes--to keep it warm in cold weather, to keep it cool in hot weather AND to protect it's sensitive skin from UV rays. By cutting the hair, you are removing the UV protection and by shaving it you are removing that coat that keeps them cool in hot weather. My advice, leave the dog alone. If anything, you should brush, brush, brush to remove as much of the undercoat (the coat that keeps them warm) as possible. Cutting, shaving, baths, none of it is necessary.

    NEVER EVER give a dog ice or anything below freezing to keep them cool. You run the risk of cooling them off too fast. Room temperature water is safer on extremely hot days than ice cold water is (this goes for humans too). Also, if the dog has had extensive exercise/running around and is extremely hot, limit how much he drinks. If he drinks too much too fast it can cause massive stomach upset and make him even more sick. Small amounts more often are much better than a lot not so often.

    Cracked window or not, never leave a dog in a car. Never, ever, ever. There is no reason for it. If you're going out somewhere and the dog can't go in the store with you, then leave the dog at home. There is no reason for a dog to be in a vehicle. Window cracked or not, when it's hot outside it will get hot in the vehicle. I, personally, have never seen a dog sit peacefully in a vehicle. They may for a minute, but they always end up getting up and bouncing around. Not only will their body temp rise from the movement but it will continue to rise from the heat inside the vehicle. Unless you plan on leaving the vehicle running with the a/c blowing, there's no reason for any animal to be in a vehicle. Ever. Take it in the store with you or leave it at home. Period.


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      I don't mess with hair issues since I steer clear of "coated" breeds. Don't have the time for all that

      My SIL has a Golden Ret. a few years back and every summer they would take him to the groomers to have his coat thinned out and all or most of the undercoat removed.

      As far as whether or not to cut the hair....really it just depends. If your dog is a house dog and spends a majority of it's time indoors I think you can cut the hair as the dog will not be exposed to direct sunlight for any length of time so no worries on sunburn.

      Plus if you get a cold climate dog even though you live in a much warmer area I think it is only fair to give them a lil' hair help....even if your not cutting it off you should at least have a pro go in and remove as much of the undercoat as possible.

      Several "coated" breeds are clipped on a very regular basis and suffer no ill effects...such as the Cocker Spaniel in a show clip..the top is clipped down short and a "skirt" is left on the bottom.
      "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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        I hate seeing dogs left alone in cars, especially in an area like this (southern Texas). It's just too darn hot. I think people should get ticketed for that. Somehow I feel they would if it was a child.


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          Oh I knnow what ya mean!! Last time we went to Petsmart there was a lady who parked on the same lane as us. She took 2 lil' Poodles in the store with her and shopped for a bit...BUT she left her GSD in the car!! Said he wouldn't behave so he couldn't go in!! Needless to say I chewed her butt for that one.

          But then again I guess I can't give people too much credit for being compassionate...DH made a run to the store for me on Monday evening and a couple left their toddlers in the car....his guesstimate was the kids were between 4-7. He waited by the car for a while thinking maybe the parents were returning a shopping cart. After 10 minutes he called the cops....took 4 pages across the store intercom before the parents were located...

          If people can do that to human kids then I can see how some wouldn't give leaving their pets in the car a second thought...
          "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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            Originally posted by Arazante
            I hate seeing dogs left alone in cars, especially in an area like this (southern Texas). It's just too darn hot. I think people should get ticketed for that. Somehow I feel they would if it was a child.
            I have heard reports on the news of incidents where people called the cops
            when children were left in cars, alone...(aside from Crystals Dear Hubby).

            It is a good idea to call someone, as children have died that way in our county...dogs, too.


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              Now, I've left my 7 yo in the car before while I ran into the store--but it was literally ran into a store and I left the car running. But I'm talking like into the dollar store where I park in front of the door or at the gas station. NEVER an actual shopping center. But unlike some people I've taught my kids the "basics" of an automobile. I've explained the gas and the brake and they understand that P means park and R means reverse and so on and so forth. And I've told them if for some reason something happens where the car needs to stop, such as if it starts rolling away or if for some reason I pass out while driving, they should put it in park. But I would never leave them in it while I went to do my weekly shopping at Walmart or wherever. Heck, I turn the a/c or heat on when I'm taking the cart back too. But normally I'll drive around until I find the spot right next to the cart return just so I don't have to leave them sitting there too long. But never ever would I leave them or even my dogs in a hot vehicle. And I'd never leave the kids with the dogs in a running vehicle either.


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                I'm My kids are attached to my hip...but then again I had someone try to take my oldest when we were shopping..he was about 2 months old at the I'm paranoid!

                And this was not a run in and out thing....this was Super Wal-Mart and they were parked in a middle lane a few spaces from the last spot (very busy that day, full parking lot) Hubby said the youngest could have been 4 at the VERY most and the oldest looked about 6 or so. The car was off, but the windows were about halfway down....
                "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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                  I agree with never cutting your dogs hair during the summer, coats keep dogs cool in the summer, if you are going to clip do so in the spring and fall so there is time for the coat to grow back. Very not safe to clip during summer and winter, show clips are different, show clips are done year round, so the dogs are use to it, alot like doing blanket and saddle clips on horses, and even horses are blanketed in the summer and winter to protect them from the sun and cold if they are clipped. best thing to do is brush and LEAVE THE COATS ALONE!!!

                  As for leaving the kids alone, I do this, at gas stations and our country stores only, never in town at stores. I lock all the doors, keep my kids buckled in their seats, my windows are locked out and in the summer my car is turned off, or I use the car starter to restart it once I'm out with the keys, and in the winter I use the auto start to keep the car running while I'm paying for my gas. My kids are never out of my sight, and I'm never gone more then two, three minutes, tops. And now, thanks to "pay at the pump" I don't even have to leave the side of my car when gasing, which I love.
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                    Great tips!
                    Your guide to portable dog crates:


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                      1. Keep your pet cool. Make sure your animal has plenty of fresh water and a shady spot to sit when it is outside (but if it’s above 90 degrees or so, your pet will appreciate staying home in the air-conditioning). Don’t exercise your dog outdoors during the hottest part of the day, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Walk your pup early in the morning or at night.
                      2. Recognize the signs of heatstroke. Your dog is likely overheated if it staggers or becomes lethargic, or if its gums are red or dark pink and feel warm or dry to the touch. If this happens, take your pet to a vet immediately―heatstroke can cause permanent damage to the brain, organs and blood vessels and is often fatal if not treated right away. Flat-faced dogs, like bulldogs and pugs, and older and overweight pups are at higher risk for heatstroke, so take extra care when they’re in the sun.
                      3. A trim can help keep your cat or dog cool, but don’t get it completely clipped or shaved. Your pet's coat protects it from sunburn and acts as an insulator, helping it stay cool and regulate its body temperature.


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                        Some awesome tips here. Thanks for sharing guys. Since our k9 friends can't tell us exactly what is going on, us humans need to come together and speak for them every so often. Once again, thanks for starting this thread sharing the information.


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                          Thanks for the information anyway. I own pets and I make sure for their safety and comfort especially hot seasons. I give them daily bath to make them fresh everyday.
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