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Dog broke a front nail

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  • Dog broke a front nail

    I've never dealt with anything like this before so I'm not real sure what to do. I'm gonna ask my boss tomorrow but thought I'd bring it up on here too. Anyway.

    I was sitting at the computer and I heard one of my dogs kind of whimper outside. It wasn't much of a whimper, more like "oh, wow, that kinda stung a little" but I went and checked on her anyway. I really didn't think she was hurt, just twisted a leg getting up or something.

    Anyway--long story short somehow she broke one of her nails. And I do mean BROKE it. It's roughly not quite 1/4 inch into the quick. REAL short. lol So I cleaned it up and stopped a lot of the bleeding, sprayed an antiseptic into it and then put some vasoline on it cause I don't have a styptic pencil. Anyway. I checked on her a few minutes later and noticed that the nail was broken and twisted to the side; so of course it was bleeding even more.

    So I straightened it out and put a band-aid on it to act as a splint (gotta love them giant breed dogs!!!!). LMAO And then put a piece of vet-wrap around her paw (hoping she'd baby her paw then and not walk on it).

    So with all that said, I'm just wondering if I should finish breaking off the broken piece of nail even though it's so far into the quick already? It's mostly broken anyway, just barely hanging there. But I keep thinking if I leave it and it starts to heal, when she walks on it it's just going to bend and probably bleed again. But if I break it off the rest of the way, it can start to heal better. Yes? No?

    I don't know how this happened though. Her nails weren't very long to begin with. I cut the rest of her nails anyway, but most of them were already as short as they could be and couldn't be cut any further without fear of hitting the quick. She must have gotten snagged on the fence or something. So weird.

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    Been here, done this, I had a beagle lab mix that use to break her dew claws all the time, and what a mess they use to be, I will never have dew claws in my home again. Anyway, its not a big deal, finish breaking off the nail, or clipping it off if you can get the clippers in there, then put an antisepteic, like hibitane of something on it. With Shilo we also wrapped the claw area in clean gauze and vet wrap for about twenty four hours. At that point her quick was visible, long pink and soft, but was not bleeding or anything and the claw just regrew around it. You just have to watch to make sure it stays relitivly clean and that you dog dosen't lick it to infection, try to keep the licking to a minum.

    I have discovered, this injury, bother us, more then it bothers them. Good luck and have a good night.
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      I would let the vet do it. I am a chicken, though. I think it would be painful and a local anesthetic would be nice for the dog. When Brutus snagged his dew-claw, the lady who was taking care of him while we were out of town, took him to our vet and the vet removed the whole dew-claw.

      Your situation is different, since it is not a dew-claw, but I really approved of the way they handled our situation for us.


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        Surprisingly it doesn't really seem to bother her. She got a little restless when I was holding her paw up but I think that was more because I was holding her. I did cut off the rest of it though--it was a nice little chunk. But I was going real slow and taking my time because I didn't want to make it any worse by clipping off more than I needed to. But she was a good sport about it and savored the treat I gave her (those "special" treats). :wink:

        I ended up flushing her nail, paw and between her toes out with a sterile saline solution I had laying around (gotta love the closets full of stuff you get for fostering shelter dogs--LOL). Flushed it out, cut off the last bit of nail, flushed it again, let it dry, sprayed some Gentamicin on it, covered it with a gauze pad and now she's sporting some hot pink vet-wrap around her paw and toes. It's not very tight and she could easily pull it off but she's leaving it on (knock on wood).

        I'll let her out in the morning for awhile and then flush, clean and re-bandage it before I leave for work. Then come home for lunch to let her out and change it again. It should stay pretty clean and I love this antiseptic so I'm confident it'll do the trick of keeping infection away (once again, knock on wood). But we'll see how it looks tomorrow.

        I'm not really freaked out about the nail or her being in pain or even possible infection. It's mostly just got me so baffled on how it happened in the first place. She's never broken her nails before and I keep them trimmed to prevent cracking or breaking. And we walk all the time so they stay good and filed because of the roads. I don't know--like I said, just baffled over the whole ordeal. One of those moments I wish she could talk and tell me what on earth she got snagged on!!! LOL