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  • Catfood

    Is it okay for a dog to eat catfood? We have had a terrible time with our older dog lately;not wanting to eat her food, but she has been cleaning the cat out. :roll:

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    I think it is WORSE for a cat to eat dog food...but it is not good for the dog to eat cat food either. I can not remember all teh details...something about some of the minerals or vitamins can cause liver or kidney damage in the opposite species. Sorry I am so sketchy on this, I simply can not pull the details out of my brain tonight, but will try to look this up later and get back to you...but the short answer is that you should do what you can to avoid this for the health ofboth your critters. Perhaps move the cat food to a shelf or a counter where the cat can eat but the dog can not get to it.


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      Dogs and Cat Food

      As dogs age some of them have a diminished sense of smell so not everything you put in front of them is appealing. Cat Food which is mostly comprised of smelly fish has a very strong odor to the dog.

      Perhaps you can get some canned LIGHT tuna (the solid white albacore is not good for them or for cats) and add a TBSP to your dog's food and mix it up well. If you prefer Wellness makes some dog foods for seniors that are fish based.

      Please let me know if this works for you (it does for us here at the Sanctuary)


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        Just keep the cat food away from the dog and make sure you are feeding the dog a brand of food that he likes. Try new brands and maybe you will find something he likes better. Or maybe he needs his kibble moistened if he has bad teeth. I know that cats shouldn't eat dog food because dog food usually doesnt have enough vitamin A or taurine for a cat, and I'm sure cat food does not have the right amounts of vitamins for a dog. You might even just try feeding a dog food with a higher fat content, as that is often another reason why dogs prefer cat food, because of its higher fat content.


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          cat food has much higher protein than dog food. Dogs do not need high protein unless they are sled dogs or other dogs that are extremely active such as working dogs. If cats eat dog food they can get F.U.S. from the high ash content in the dog food. Low ash content is important for cats.
          If your dog likes the canned food. You can add some canned food to your dogs dry food or add some water to the dry food to soften it up. Remember that canned food is 78 percent water so there is very little nutrition in canned food so supplement with dry food and or pet tabs to get the nutrition they need.
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