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Weaning those puppies

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  • Weaning those puppies

    My daughter's Chihuahua gave birth to 6 pups..They are now 7 weeks old and she has been trying to wean then for a couple of weeks now. My daughter who freaks out thinking the babies aren't getting enough to eat holds the Mom while the babies suck,and that's the only time they get to nurse. But she's noticed in the last couple of days that the mother's breast are swollen and so very hard! I told her to put those pups on food and water,and NOT to hold mom anymore that they were plenty ready to eat solid food! What can be done if anyone knows,to comfort the mommy? I know those breast have to hurt like that..Thanks,,

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    Hi, my dog Buffy has the same thing. The puppies should be eating solid food by now, our puppies are 3.5 weeks old and eating solid food. I can't remember what it is called but you should have her spayed because what she has can kill her! I let you know when I come across the name. I hope she'll be ok. Also what she has is very uncomfortable and the puppies are making it worse because of their teeth.


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      It is called Pyometra and once a dog gets it, she probabl;y has about a 50/50 chance of surviving. I know this will probably tick you off, but the fact that your daughter is holding down the mother to force her to feed the babies implies to me that she has no idea what she is doing and should not be breeding dogs.

      We put down MILLIONS of dogs a year in this country. Breeding should be left to reputable breeders that know what they are doing and breed for specific results, not two people that have a male and a female dog...or worse people that think they will make money or want to show their children the miracle of birth. No reputable breeder would consider doing what she is doing, they would allow the mother dog to wean her puppies, and would already have that dog at the vet by now. This is a very serious condition.

      Ticked off at me or not - please tell your daughter to get her dog to the vet for immediate surgery. I hope that by the time you read this it is not too late. Please also encourage your daughter to adopt a dog at a local shelter and not to continue breeding her dog. She obviously is not experienced enough to be dealing with this and is what we call a "back yard breeder". Back Yard breeders are responsible for the majority fo dogs that wind up in shelters. Please encourage your daughter to have her dogs spayed and neutered.

      Also, again, I realize you'll be annoyed, but please come back and tell us how her dog is. This is a very serious condition, if it is pyometra that you are describing and I really do hope that her dog will survive it.


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        Thanks for that information:) I will admit that this is my daughters first time of breeding her dog,but she in no way meant to harm her! She loves her dog and searched long to find the right mate for her. She had 7 puppies and one was so tiny she had to bottle feed him by her vets advice,,and threw many days and nights of no sleep she cared for that baby until it died. 7 puppies for a first litter was hard I know on the Mom,and I guess she feared they were hungry. She keeps food and water for them,and at this point they are doing great..The puppies that is,I'll definitely discuss the other with her..Thanks again for your help:) And she is in no way a back yard breeder,just a first time one..She'll learn..

        This will be my last post,no replies are needed!