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How to feed 11 years old doggie with liver issues

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  • How to feed 11 years old doggie with liver issues

    Hello hello hello!

    I am coming straight with a question. My 11 years old doggie of mixed breed was lately diagnosed with liver problems. Fortunately it is nothing that medicine couldn't fix, so we are on pills. They are working fantastically he is probably going to have to take them for the rest of his life. The whole situation made me of course take a long look at Charlie's diet. I decided to divide his meals into bought products (meat cans but from the higher shelf) and into home-made meals. And here my question comes into play. Liver diet - what products are good for a dog with liver issues? I read somewhere that vegetables especially broccoli and celery, rice, white light cheese, poultry and beef and white fish. Is this true? Can I use those products to incorporate them into Charlie's diet? Thank you!

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    Re: How to feed 11 years old doggie with liver issues

    Welcome to the forum! The above questions should of course be put to your vet, who can give expert advice based upon the precise diagnosis (including blood testing, urine testing, etc.).

    But as a general guide, it is best to avoid grains in dog food (some commercial brands often contain a lot, which can in itself sometimes cause heart or liver problems). Making your own dog food is a good option, as you can then be sure that there is sufficient meat in the diet. Carnitine and taurine are essential for a dog's diet and these will be abundant in good quality meat. Fish and vegetables will add variety on occasions.

    The best page of advice I can suggest for you is this:

    The page contains lots of helpful guidance about a suitable diet in such circumstances. Every best wish to you!
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      Re: How to feed 11 years old doggie with liver issues

      My 12 yr old collie bitch has a liver problem.

      She's had food intolerance issues since about 3 yrs old and consequently very many attacks of severe diarrheoa followed by loads and loads of antibiotics. Due to this it's not really surprising that her kidneys and liver are starting to suffer.

      Back in July she started to leak a bit and yet somehow I didn't think it was old age incontinence. I took a urine sample to my vet which proved to be very diluted. On the Monday morning she had a blood test and the vet frightened the life out of me by saying her liver enzyme count was four times what it should be . Two days later she had an ultrasound scan which, although not conclusive, did show an unusual nodule on her liver.
      My vet wanted to take a biopsy, via keyhole surgery, but due to her age and the fact she was fine in herself I said no.

      Although my vet was very sceptical initially (until he'd consulted two 'experts') I started her on Dorwest Herb Milk Thistle Tablets and I've very gradually added broccoli and carrots to her food (extremely slowly due to her food intolerance).

      I'm very happy to say 3.1/2 months later she looks very well, hasn't lost weight and isn't leaking at all. Who knows what the future holds but at the moment she is absolutely fine.

      The intention was to re-run the bloods and do another ultrasound in February but I'm not sure there is any point.
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        Re: How to feed 11 years old doggie with liver issues

        I'm delighted to read your news, Gabora! As for Dorwest, it is an excellent company. I have bought products from them for my dog and my son uses them for his labradors regularly.

        What sort of dog food did you give your collie in the past? Have you changed her food, apart from adding broccoli and carrots?

        May your collie enjoy many more years of happiness and good health!
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