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New puppy...not eating

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  • New puppy...not eating

    We have just got a 6 week old Jack Russel pup, that we had vacinated two days ago.,

    For the first two days she seemed to be quite energetic, she would run around, have a nap, then run around again. She drank a little milk during this time and ate a little dog food.

    However, today she doesnt seem to have as much energy, hasn't touched any of the dog food we had out for her and hasn't drunk much water. She did eat some ham my wife gave her.

    I was thinking this could be due to a bit of anxiety, or from the vaccination.

    Now to make a liar out of me she is running growling at our other dog.

    I am quite worried that she is not eating or drinking much.

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    Immediately call your vet and tell him or her the situation. ANY abnormal behavior after vaccination is cause for concern.