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    Hi, I was wondering, has anyone ever given their dog organic treats? My vet recommends this place and they also sell vegan and vegetarian dog treats. I'm tempted to try them as my vet was so positive about them, just wonder what others think...My very picky Frenchie could do with a nice treat :)

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    I got Kota a natural dog treat and she seems to like them. They do not have bha or bht preservatives, by-products, food coloring, ect...

    They are called Buddy Buscuits.
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      You can always use kibble for when your at home, my border collie loves vegetables also, so that could be another option for you. You can also bake your own treats, theres plenty of recipes out there.


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        I just bought a box of Castor and Pollux organic dog cookies. Neither of our dogs like them. Penelope won't touch them (then again she won't touch much these days), and Flannery will take them. When she chews on them, some peices fall out of her mouth on the ground, and she just walks away from the crumbs. She seems lukewarm about them at best.

        Luckily the box says that they give a 100% satisfaction guaruntee and that if my dogs don't like them that I can return the box to the store I got it for a full refund. Hopefully Petco will honor that.

        Penelope - 1+ years old. 19 lbs. Terrier X

        Flannery - 4 years old. 65 lbs. X breed