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    My oldest dog Cooper, a 12 year old Pointer went for surgery on Tuesday. He had an abcess in his mouth, and since his mouth was swollen we figured while he had the abcess taken care of we'd get his teeth cleaned, and have his fatty lumps removed. He had a lump under his left leg that was growing gradually and would have effected his gait soon. Well he had 3 little tumors removed from his mouth that were misaligning teeth, one molar, the abcess, and 3 fatty lump removed as well. I was with him through the entire procedure from start to finish. He's diabetic and since he couldn't eat that morning they gave him fluids after the surgery. Once he had woken up enough to take out the tube, and had finished getting the fluids by IV I took him home. He woke up in earnest here on his bed. The last time we had surgery done was to have his eyes fixed, because when I adopted him from a cruelty case he was blind. They gave him new lenses but the next week he was in very sad shape, and I said then we would not do surgery on him ever again. He was too fragile, and it was awful. Well we had no choice but to do surgery again. He came through this surgery as is it was never done at all. That night he was ambulatory and the same happy dog he was before he ever had this done. I am now convinced that bringing him home so quickly and staying with him made all the difference in the world.
    When we adopted our other two dogs and had them spayed and neutered I stayed with them and brought them home right after as well, and both of them were right as rain the same night. I will never have any type of surgery on any of my pets again without staying with them and bringing them home right after. :)
    Anjie :)

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    Anjie, I agree. I refuse to leave the dogs overnight unless they are seriously ill. I tell the vet - have someone here from 7 am until 11 pm? So what?? I AM HOME 24 HOURS!!!

    While your staff is there they will check on my dog every hour?
    SO WHAT? I will sleep next to that dog on her bed and awake at every whimper and respond. Will you do that?

    So tell me...who can watch this dog better at night? I will pick her up and bring her back early in the morning for you to check. i will call you, just like your staff if anything out of the oridinary happens, but darn dog is coming home with ME!!!!

    Good for you and Cooper.
    He is such a trooper.
    He has been through so much.
    He is so lucky to have found you and melted your heart.