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cluster of hard bumps

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  • cluster of hard bumps

    I have a small mix breed dog. She has a cluster of small hard bumps right around one of her nipples. Any ideas what this could be? :?: [/b]

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    Minnie, it does not sound like anything I have seen first-hand, but I would have a vet look at it. Small bumps could be some kind of allergic reaction, but it would be best to let a vet have a look.


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      Hi Minnie,

      Is your dog spayed? How old is she? Sometimes older unspayed dogs or dogs that have been spayed after their 6 month birthday can develop what are called mammary tumors. That DOESN'T necessarily mean that they are cancer but they should be removed. regardless This surgery is no big deal. If your dog is not spayed the vet can spay her at the same time to make sure she doesn't get any more of them.

      The best thing to do is to take her to the veterinarian when you can.