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Concerns about Weimaraner spay.

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  • Concerns about Weimaraner spay.

    Hello everyone.

    I recently adopted a female Weimaraner from a shelter in my area. We are planning to have Lucy spayed in 2 weeks. Does anyone have any experiance with Weimaraner's and any health issues I should be aware of before taking her into the vets?? I just want to be sure that i go in and see the vet being fully informed so I can inquire about any specific concerns that this breed may have. Thanks for the help :D

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    Hello Sammy.

    I'm so happy you gave Lucy a home and I'm glad to hear that you are havng her spayed.

    When I took my Weimaraner, Blue in for his neutar he had a few complications. We were unaware that he had Von Willbrand's Disease which is a bleeding disorder, so after surgury it took a while for him to quit bleeding and he took a while longer to fully recover from the surgury.

    Some Weimaraners have also been known to be sensitive to anestesia so you may want to discuss various options with your vet.

    Here is a link you may find helpful:

    There is tons of info on the breed, along with a section devoted to health issues and concerns. Hope this helps!! :D

    P.S- You can also check out for breed information, videos and you can even buy Weimaraner stuff there. :D I bought a beautiful Weimaraner blanket from them. :)
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      Hi Sammy,

      We;come to the rescue community!! There is no feeling quite as good as giving a home to an animal that needs one so badly.

      There is a test for von Willdebrand's disease that your vet can do 1 week before the spay (so he can get the results before he does surgery). It is a simple blood test that he sends to a lab. If she is positive she can still be spayed safely providing your vet knows about the problem.

      Not spaying her can lead to more serious problems later in life that might require more extensive surgery so better safe than sorry.

      Thank you for giving this dog a home!!!!


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        Thanks for the info and I will have her tested and throughly checked before her spay. :D

        Countrychic10- Thanks for the website. :) I was trying to find the breed club but didn't have much luck. :D