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dog losing hair

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  • dog losing hair

    i have a jack russell terier, short fur.. he is going to be one year old, but he is shedding a lot of fur.... is it because of the food?? can someone help me??

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    It can be. What type of food do you feed? Skin & Fur health comes from the inside out. So when you have a problem food is the first place you should look. Other factors are how often do you bathe him? Does the dog have dry, cracked, or flaking skin? Is there a rash of some sort? Does the dog have allergies and/or fleas? There's lots of things that can cause it. So each one has to be looked at and either confirmed as the cause or confirmed that it's not. If the dog is shedding so much that he's going bald in spots it would be time for a vet. Otherwise changing food, or adding flax seed oil to the diet can help.
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      Have you changed his dite recently, could be the food change, when changing from a low grade food to a good one the dog will shed out their old coat anywhere from right after to six months after the change.
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        Has he always shed alot or is this a recent development? How often to you groom him??
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          My brother's Jack R had the same problem, accompanied by a lot of scratching and discomfort. The dog has severe allergies and he now gives the dog a shot every month to help with it. Best thing to do is to go to the vet with your dog and have a real diagnosis done!