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Getting diabetic dog to eat

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  • Getting diabetic dog to eat

    Cooper is doing his I don't wanna eat thing again. He was on prescription food, but we had to get ris of it since he refused and I mean refused to eat it. He doesn't eat he dies, plain and simple, so whatever it takes tog et him to eat we'll do. We went to California Natural, and he ate that for a while, but now, nope, won't eat it, so we've been trying to get him to eat a food, seems like he kinda likes the Abady, and he sorta liked the Timberwolf Southwest chicken mix, but less than the Abady. As it is we supplement his food with whatever he needs, fiber (cheerios) or protein (meat) to keep him on track with his blood sugar, but we gotta get this settled cuz my poor pooch is a pin cushion from bloos sugar checks. I'll give him whatever food he'll eat as long as he'll eat it, I don't even care what it costs. So keeping my fingers crossed that Abady is the one. I got him some of the add in soft stuff, both the beef and the chicken, and he liked those well enough. (I loved the ingredients there's 2 - beef and water and for the other chicken and water) I hope he keeps eating this, or I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. Whoever heard of a starved dog that didn't want to eat? Kaia, our Foxhound came from a starvation cruelty case too and we have to lock up the dryer lint cuz she'll eat that if we'd let her. She's eaten dirt, on purpose! (I was potting plants and had a spoon in the dirt and she started chowing on our topsoil. Good thing we didn't do anymore than push it aside into a huge pile, and didn't add anything to it, but it's old farmland, so we really didn't need to) Starved dogs eat like mad, but Cooper, I think he actually prefers to see me go into a panic. Silly dog. :lol:
    Anjie :)

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    Anj, since dogs eat almost solely by smell...have you tried saving tuna juice when you open a can of tuna? rex is a tough eater and pouring a little tuna oil or water on his food makes him gobble it down. I also save all sorts of gravies and anything else smelly to plop on his food. He usually will eat if I do that but it can often be a battle....