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    How do you prevent and tackle BAD Breath?

    My doggie "Softey" (well she has become all healthy and active) has this bad smell to her breath

    Your tips and tricks... any home remedy?

    Mike back again

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    Hi there. First trick is to determine what is the cause of the bad breath. Sometimes foul mouth odors are warnings to something that is going wrong internally.

    They do make OTC dog breath tablets and such..but I wouldn't reccomend them. IMO that is just masking the problem. You don't need to cover up the need to figure out what is the cause and fix it to avoid health issues in the future.

    What are you feeding the dog?? Diet also plays a role in doggy breath. A good quality diet is essential IMO.

    What do your dogs teeth look like? Do they have tartar build up on them?
    If the teeth are dirty looking that could also be causeing the odor. (same as in people..tartar and such causes bad breath)

    I feed a RAW diet and the chewing of RMB's keeps my dog's teeth pearly white with no tartar build up and no doggy breath.

    Since I'm sure you feed kibble I think a good chew bone might be in order...something like Nylabone..they are hard and the chewing action helps to scrape gunk off the teeth.

    If your dog isn't an avid chewer you can buy doggy tooth brushes and tooth paste. It might not be a fun experiance for the dog but if you clean her teeth regularly it might help with the mouth odors.

    Another thing...check her mouth to see if any treats or food is lodged between her teeth or along her gum line. My mom's GSD had a treat that stuck in her mouth and in about a week it smelled like something died in there!!!

    If all else fails and you can't figure it out have the vet take a peek at her..she could have an infection of some sort or her teeth may be in such a shape that she needs a professionally cleaning from the vet.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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      Thanks... I shall keep in mind, all the things you said.



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        LOL, that happens to me before. the bad breathe is just so :twisted: :evil: yuuk! but then i decided to buy him a toothbrush from my favorite pet store and it solved the problem.
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          maybe you should change your dog food. :)

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            Chewy meat treats with anti bad breathe can remove the bad breathe of your dog. This can also maintain gum and teeth's integrity.
            - Natalie and my precious Queensland Heeler