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Lump on dog's hip

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  • Lump on dog's hip

    I have a friend who's dog has this lump on his right hip. The vet said it was fluid filled but because it didn't seem to bother the dog he wasn't real concerned with it. But he did say if my friend wanted to, he would drain it and see what it was (my friend works 12 hour days so I had taken the dog in for a rabies shot for him one day and brought it up with the vet).

    Anyway. The lump was pretty small at the app and then got really small like it was going away. Then it got bigger and got smaller again and now it's flipping huge. It's almost like three golf balls on his hip.

    Like I said, it doesn't seem to bother him any. He doesn't itch at it, he doesn't mind if you touch it (and I squeezed it today and moved it around but he didn't seem to care).

    Just wanting some thoughts from you guys. My friend kinda leaves a lot of the "see a vet" decisions up to me. But this one I'm not sure what to think of it. It doesn't bother him, he's a healthy dog otherwise, no issues. It's just this lump that comes and goes. And like I said, the vet didn't seem too concerned with it the last time he was seen.

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    I wanted to add a couple things. First of all, he has not had any injections or or even near that area (I give him all his vaccinations, except rabies, and I always put them between the shoulder blades). And as far as the owner knows, he wasn't stung by anything either.

    And the lump looks identical to a sub-q injection. That typical bump if you gave one. Looks the same and feels the same.

    He's also not missing any hair from around the area and the skin is normal in color--not red in color or lumpy at all.


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      Possible Hematoma? Was he hit or impacted in that area? I've only seen one on a horse before, but they're similar to that, big and fluid full cause by blood bleeding into the tissue of the surrounding skin. they don't hurt at all or anything. I would suggest draining it, but make sure the vets not an idiot about it. With the horse they poked him about fifty times in the chest with a needle, I was not impressed, it took me months to train him to let me touch his chest again.

      Dakota has a lump on his hip, but its hard, about the size of a golf ball and we were told its a fat something or other, lol. Its nothing big just something that came about because of his weight gain, that once we got the weight off him it should disappear, thats what they tell us anyway.
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        I had thought about a hematoma but that wouldn't explain why it seems to come and go, unless he keeps hitting himself on something in the exact same spot. And, if it were one you'd think the skin would be a different color. At least slightly darker with how big it is. I think it's just that it comes and goes that is the strangest part. And the dog is at an excellent weight.


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          No dark skin, Near's skin didn't change at all with the hematoma he had it was just a big fluid filled lump about the size of a soft ball, huge. But I agree, unless the wound is draining somewhere and hes still bleeding intrenally that wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. But like I said, I would have it drained just to be purcousious, then you'd know for sure.
          The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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            you should find a doctor
            i hope the dog will fine after treatment

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