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Help... loose Pudding like stool!!!

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  • Help... loose Pudding like stool!!!

    My apologies if this has been asked elsewhere on this site - but I was a lil scared!!

    My pup the lil "pug" has been doing "loose PUDDING like stool"

    She does it like 2 times a day... "it's not continuous"

    And thankfully her appetite has not gone down... she guzzles milk (so i guess she is well hydrated)

    Vet came... and he said "it's quite NORMAL"... and asked if i had changed food!!

    :oops: Now this is where some of you might Scold me.. :oops:

    I did give her some "Cerelac - Nestle" (it's for infant... the human baby from 3 to 6 months old)... Well i have stopped this and now only giving milk (4 times a day)... as some of you stated about "hyperglycemia"

    So... what else can i do?

    And she is active :twisted: ... and still playful!!

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    Lose stools are very common espically in puppies being given Milk, you need to get her off the milk. Its also very common in puppies eating wet food, no big deal as long as there is consistancy in the stool and its not just water like and as long as puppy is eating a drinking. You should suppliment with a puppy formula, or switch her to water, at 5 weeks she dose have the ability to switch to just water but I would be concerned she haden't got enough of the nutrients she needs without the formula for another week.

    No worries though your puppy is probably just fine as your vet has already told you. You should talk to him about a wormer sometime soon too, all puppies are inharently born with worms passed from the mom so you should get that looked after right away, they too can affect the consistancy of your new baby's stools. Good luck.
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      Yes...get her COMPLETELY off milk! Dogs do not digest the lactose in dairy products well and it causes loose stools.

      No milk what so ever.

      If you feel you must guve her some sort of "milk" with her NOT buy human infant formula or anythig like that...once again...not made for dogs.

      Get puppy formula, but whatever you get make sure it is for dogs.

      Honestly though....I'd just put her on either soaked HIGH QUALITY GRAIN FREE kibble, or some kibble with a bit of canned food mixed in. No need for milk and formula...
      "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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        okay... thanks !!

        I will get a puppy formula... ASAP !!

        Thanks... will keep you posted!!

        The doggy is active... and drinking milk in bucket loads though!!!

        I shall run tomorrow... morning !!


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          Really...this pup is old enough to be off milk stuff completly so I'm not sure why you continue to give them...... :?

          Puppy formula is way, way better than giving milk so if you must feed it maybe just soak the puppies kibble (I truely do hope the puppy is on kibble by this point) in a bit of it to moisten it. Other than that don't be feeding bowls of formula as the puppy NEEDS more than just formula stuff and she be getting several kibble meals daily and make sure the puppy is drinking plenty of fresh water...
          "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras