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Pomeranian will not eat

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  • Pomeranian will not eat

    My roommate has a pomeranian that we have had for several months now. He was rescued from a neglectful home. When we first brought him home he weighed 9 pounds, according to his size he should weigh probably 10 or 11 pounds. He will not eat his kibble, only like a mouthful a day and is losing a bit of weight. We have tried all different brands of dry food as well as wet food, mixing them together, adding vitamins, fish oil, and adding water. He DOES however eat treats, cat and dog poop, anything in the trash, stuffed animals, underwear, etc. He has his own space to eat away from the other dogs, so I don't see that as being a problem. Does anyone know if this is a sign of illness or just pickiness? Are there any suggestions on what else we can try? My roommate really does not want to take him to the vet but I am getting very very worried!

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    Is there corn in the food?
    Because corn(and potatos,grapes and raisens)are like chocolate to dogs.

    I really hope this helps.
    animals are great!


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      No there is no corn in it.


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        Somtimes they put very bad stuff in the food and don't tell you. :evil:
        It can be very bad for your dog.
        animals are great!


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          Well we have tried many different brands, especially for Fox (the pom) but I have settled on Nutro Natural Choice for all of my cats and dogs and they have all done very well with it. I have a feeling that Fox's problem is not the food but either behavioral or physical.


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            ya that food I give to my dogs and cats to.
            they don't seem to have a problem with it.
            Brain storm!
            It might be the fact that you are changing the food(it is very hard on them).
            animals are great!


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              Has the dog already seen a vet? How is his general health. Make sure your feeding for his weight and that you feed at specific times of the day, at this point i would feed twice to three times a day and only leave the food down for fifteen minutes then pick it back up. Make sure he not getting into anything, when you can't keep an eye on him keep him in a create, that way you know hes not pigging out on your garbage and your table scraps. Feed nothing but the dog food, no more treats or any left overs from your meal. I would puppy proof your house, that is pick up the toys the laundry, put your garbag bin where he can't get it and your litter box either where he can't get to it.

              Natural choice is a good food and the dog will eat when he's hungry. The other option is to hand feed the dog food as if it was a treat, take away what you hand feed from what he should be eating according to the side panal of the bag. Good luck and keep us posted.
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                I agree with Celtech.

                Puppy proof your home 100% so he has no access to litter boxes, trash. laundry ect. ect.

                If he has a clean bill of health from the vet, and his teeth and such are fine (no painful swollen gums ect. ect) then set a feeding schedule.

                Kind of "tough Love" in a way. If there is no medical reason for this, then he is basically being a spoiled brat. He can skip meals, but get treats....not good.

                Cut out all treats, decide on a food you want to feed him and put it down in the AM. Give him 15 minutes to eat it and if he doesn't, put it away and offer NOTHING else for a few hours. Offer the same bowl of kibble again on the next may take a few times but once he figures out that he has to eat whats given or he won't have anything he'll be happy to eat.

                You must make sure everyone in the house is on board with you on this though and be sure no one is slipping treats or people food.

                Honestly IMO it does sound like your dealing with a spoiled dog, not a sick one. Good luck and if you ahven't had a once over by the vet, get that done before you start the "tough love"
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                  I have had this trouble with one of my poms many times. It seems that he just stops liking his food.

                  I have recently had to change his food again and I mix 1/4 cup dry Science Diet (hes old so Senior formula) Small Bites and 1/8 of a can of a brand called "by Nature". It is 95% beef, chicken, turkey, ect... what ever type you look at buying. He chooses this even over the Nutro.

                  Just a suggestion if the other options do not work.


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                      If you don't mind feeding wet food try heating up in a frying pan on the stove. That tends to get the animals sent buds working and their mouths watering and puts a little extra love in to the food which some dogs require. LOL Then feed it to them. Of course make sure its not to hot. :D