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  • Puppy roundworms

    My puppy has roundworms and to be honest it grosses me out. I know worms are pretty common in dogs and I got her to the vet 3 days after I brought her home for a first exam and everything. Still, after all that I have been OCDing about how clean my home is and I myself am since this diagnosis. I have never had a dog from a pup before so I have never had a dog passing stool in my home before I have had a chance to potty train her, let alone a dog with worms(in opposed to getting dogs with prevention doses in rotation). The vet told me about practicing good hygiene for the puppy(cleaning up stool when passed, expecting spaghetti look alike in the stool as the worms pass out of her) and that was it. Since my puppy is barely 6 weeks old she had passed stool in my bedroom and living room at unexpected times, and she has a huge habit of trying to lick me in the face. Before it was kinda funny and expected, but the more I think about it now the more I wonder how clean my home really is and how well of of job I can do to eliminate threats in my home to my dogs health. I am going to follow up and ask these things to the vet , but in the mean time....can I disinfect enough/ will disinfecting even help remove possible eggs left in my home from the potty training accidents that have occurred? I am hoping I'm over reacting but with all he conflicting information I have gotten I honestly just don't know. :( :?:

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    worms are common in pups, they're born with them passed from mom to her pups. It has nothing to do with how clean you have kept things. Yes its kind of gross, but after a couple of weeks of treatment, she'll be all cleaned up and feeling alot better, and so will you. The easiest way to avoid these indoor stool accidents are to pay attention to you pup, as soon as she eats or drinks and fifteen minutes later take puppy outdoors to do her buisness. Praise her when she gose outside. Also when she first wakes up carry her outside and let her again do her business. As soon as you done playing with her and about once an hour you should give her the option to go outside, this will eleminate most of you in house accidnets, don't leave food down, ad create pup at night and when you can't keep an eye on her, you'll find your accidents reduce greatly and your stool accidents become all but non eixistant.

    I d have to wonder why you have a pup that is barely six weeks old, puppies should not be removed from mom until they are at least 8 weeks for sociliseation reasons. Good luck with your pup and I hope some of this helps.
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      Roundworm larva are so sneaky and well evolved that they can manage to penetrate the mammary glands and even the placenta, making it possible for a puppy or a kitten to be born with a roundworm infection.Toxocara eggs are passed in the host’s feces. If a fecal sample is tested, the eggs can be detected. The embryonic worm develops in the outdoor environment inside its microscopic egg for one month before it becomes able to infect a new host.


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        Your not alone. A large percentage of dogs have parasites. Yearly they should be tested and de wormed if they are positive. People get pretty upset and grossed out by it but It is a part of pet ownership. Their are many types of worms they can get. Some you can see and others you need a micoscope to see. Tapeworms, Roundworms, Hook worms, Giardia are a few of the more common. I think we see more tapeworm then any other. Just be a good mamma and get her taken care of.


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          My friend's dog was recently deworm and it was so disgusting. I hope Qaqa will never have a problem with worms.
          - Natalie and my precious Queensland Heeler