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puppy w/ diarrhea from traveling

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  • puppy w/ diarrhea from traveling

    Hi. My 7m old Rottweiler seems to get the runs every time she goes anywhere new (a friend puppy-sat her, to vistit family, etc). She acts normal and seems fine outside of this. I don't know if it's something that I should be concerned about or not. Is there anything I can do to help w/ the diarrhea when we have to take her somewhere? She did have Parvo at 9w's but has been fine since, so I doubt that has anything to do w/ the diarrhea issue, but I don't know. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Is it diarrhea right after you arrive, like as soon as she gets out of the car, or is it after she has had a meal and a drink? Possiblity if its after the drink that the water is upsetting her stomach. Many times animals will react badly to switching water, or switching foods when coming into a new environment. You should try to send bottled water from home with you when you go.

    If its not the water it could very well be stress. Just because she appears okay doesn't nessecarily mean she is. My own rottie rarely shows pain or stress in some of the worst situations, but I know she's feeling. Rotts are renown for being stowic dogs so they show stress in different ways, like diarrhea or herding you, or tearing something apart, or getting into garbage, lots of ways to show stress that don't clue in to being stress related. If it is stress, a little petobismol or gavol to calm her nerves and settle her stomach would go a long way.

    Good luck.
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      Not Water

      Thanks for replying.. I don't think it's the water just cause she got the runs bad for two weeks when being puppy-sat by a friend just a mile away. So wouldn't of been any change in water.
      With her it's been one thing after another, all her life from the time we got her at 8w's. I think the parvo took all the immune system she had. And w/ one thing after another she just has not been able to build it back up.
      Every once in awhile she'll have diarrhea at home but last just one or two days. Like I said other anytime we go stay somewhere it gets really bad. right now where visiting my sister and her family for about two weeks. we've been here about a week and she's had bad diarrhea about 4-5 days. last night we all went out for dinner gone about 4 hrs. When we came home she had gone all over in her crate. This is when I knew it was bad she's been potty trained from 3ms on.. and at this point NEVER has accidents in her crate.
      I was thinking maybe I should cut her food for 24-36hrs then start giving her boiled rice and chicken or beef.. for a few days see if that might help.. any thoughts on that? if I do give her pepto do you know how much I give her at a time per weight?


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        I would give her some pepto bismol too, it will help, lean ground hamburger and rice is really easy on the system so that would be a good idea too. Have you found her stool is black in color or any other odd color? Black could be a sign of blood which would suggest a possible ulser that might be bothering her too. I have a shepard mix who is the same way health wise, we're fairly sure he has an ulcer as well as food allergies that we know he has.
        The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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          I have been keeping a close eye on her stools. they don't look black but last night when cleaning out her crate it looked like there might be some blood and mucus!! kinda of scary... I'm hoping it's just from having the diarrhea for 4-5 days now.


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            This would be a good time to take her to the vet. Blood and mucas in the stool never a good thing. You need to take a sample of the stool to your Vet so he can check it under a microscope for parasites. This could be hookworms, coccidiea and other types of parasites. It is best to let a professional tell you what it is, as I have no way of knowing without a sample and a microscope.
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              Pumpkin can treat diarrhea. Try feeding your dog with pumpkin. This is a natural way in treating diarrhea.
              - Natalie and my precious Queensland Heeler